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  • Glad you love them.

    Aww thank you. There almost as sweet as you.

    Don't for get your flowers

    I do, but if I'm going to accept it you need to accept this another gift.

    I'm glad to be back.

    Just talking with you is the greatest gift in the world. I knew I could never come close to matching that so I gave you the best I could.

    You used to, huh? I like it down here actually...even if it is a bit hot at times. (yep, it's still kinda hot) And it's not really all vacation. - My dad's doing business 'round this area as well.
    Well, glad to hear from ya! Our plane to Australia flies the day after Valentine's day, so I'd better get back to packing. ^^;
    no.. I will be on a "trip" for 5 days so no love for me....:(
    good luck to you though...with the guyz I mean ^__^

    and don't deleat that..we need you :)
    My step dad got kicked out of my home bye the sherriff. and im isolated in my room.

    And no, that was not a love poem. It just explains how ive been in more detail.
    Sad to think this is what our books have become.

    I've typed so fast I've missed letters, words, and such. So I know the feeling.

    Well I'm heading off with some friends. Talk later :)

    I should write what I do with my friends and sell that and make millions.


    You have nothing to be sorry for. I mistype all the time.

    We just won't count Twilight.

    Sounds good to me.

    Well if that's what your into that will happen. Good to know some of them like you for you.

    This has been proven with almost every other Vampire and Fairy book, show, movie, etc.

    Okay :)

    What makes you say most of them weren't serious?

    You have a good point there.

    Once we find it you'll remember it all.

    I don't mind it that much, I also have some friends that love it. Going out with some friends. I've had a few people ask me to go out, but I really didn't want to. How about you?

    We need to restore that good name.

    I'm still going to look the best I can for it. I've already been looking, but haven't had any luck

    Come on your know that's not true, you always look beautiful. There's nothing wrong with that. A lot of people hate both cold and hot weather.

    They hurt the good name of Vampires.

    I don't want to promise you I'll find it in case I don't, but know I'll do my best to locate it.

    I'm sure you're just as beautiful as you ever were in the cold. Being a more pale wouldn't hurt that. Summer is great, but can get way to hot.

    Well some people will do that. Can either be a cute of scary thing to see.

    I'll try and find the title of that book for you. It does sound like a great book to read.

    Don't forget I'm from Utah I need to drive in all kinds of snow.

    I laughed at everyone doing it as well.

    There was a book I read about in JR. High that I forgot the name to, but it was a great book. It was showing how Homeless teens live on the street and got by. There were so true heartbreaking moments in it.

    We got some snow here as well and a 30% chance with more to come.

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