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  • Hey Rosemary, most magicians usually come back after disappearing, no?

    I saw you on my friends list and was wondering where you went n_n
    I've thought about it, but if I told her she'd tell her cousin, who would tell her mom who would go into our family store and shout about it who my brother would hear and turn it into a whole big deal with my parents. Than my brother would have my cousin who is on my FB find her on it and make it a bigger do that deal and end up having Elesha get hurt. I can't do that to my beloved angle.

    That would be a fun thing to happen, but if we ever do meet up to say hi hopefully we'll both know who the other other is.

    I also break up soon in relationships. I think my longest before Elesha was a little over a month. A couple hours of sex each night doesn't = a great loving relationship. That's one of the reasons I'm glad I met her online gives us a chance to get to know each other better. Thanks as I am you and your guy are still together

    Thank you

    Yep. I've been alright. That one girl I told you about has been trying a lot harder now. I keep getting text messages, and if I don't reply I get them on about five minutes apart asking where I am. How was that dream?


    That's cute and it would be nice if you two ended up getting married in time. Yes I am and she still is and will always remain the love of my life as I will for her.

    Christmas for me.

    You got nothing to be sorry for, people get busy it happens.

    He goes when he was a baby, but leaves form time to time when he is a kid, then stays one time and that's when he goes back.

    Anyways how have you been? Still going good with your new boyfriend?

    Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

    Well don't feel like you need to come here just to talk with me. If you wanted to talk with me I could give you my e-mail



    Hugs are fantastic.

    I feel the same way about Elesha, I felt bad about breaking up with anyone I dated before, but to find my true love makes it all worth it in the end.

    Would you want to if we could?


    That one girl I told you about came over to my apartment; I made sure to sit a good amount away from her without seeming rude, but at the same time giving off that no means no message. How about you?

    Yeah, but mah best friend did moved to a new school, and i kindaa miss her ;<

    Well, yup, and rosey i didn't know that your birthday in july, as my cousin <33
    Rose, why don't you get into here as always, i don't see ya anymore like before
    Kindaa miss ya ;

    ROSEY, I'll go on vacation tomorrow, to saudia arabia <333
    Well I've never seen either of you so I can't judge, but I'll take your word for it.

    You could have always asked me :(

    The smile makes you look like you enjoy it when I hug you.

    It would be a pleasure to have you there. I know we'll hit a few ruff spots along the way, but we'll work it out in the end. I'm happy to hear that you two are giving it a shot. It sounds as you really care for him so just don't rush into a lot of things right off the bat. It took Elesha and I nine months to get to were we are and I'm glad it went slow and took its time.

    As I said before. If were still talking I'd like you to come to the wedding if it happens. Do you think we'll talk for many years to come or slowly start to lose contact with eac other?

    PS: I was able to movie into the apartment place.

    I’m taller than my brother as well. Also my belly can’t be used to hold stuff, and I’m not hairy all over. Scary to think I’m the good looking one

    They are and I admit I do it a bit as well, but not at the rate they do. Like tomorrow my mom is making me go to my aunt’s to get something when I needed to return my costume at that time. I think it’s only right she pay me back for the $120 I need to leave in case I didn’t return it.

    Yes I do. Well if your sure *hugs*

    Was this an online relationship as well? I’m really happy so far with her and she seems happy as well. On a video chat I told her I love the way she smiles and she about died from blushing so much. She also said she’d let me have a pet money, pig, sea otter and penguin :D Just promise me when I marry her if we’re still talking and IO hope we are you’ll come to the wedding. The harder ones to keep can be the stronger ones. Her and I have a few oceans keeping us apart, but that just makes our love stronger in the end, you’ll see as it moves on with you and this guy.

    Btw, its werid you have that new avatar. I had a dream last night I was on here and you sent me a picture of you and you had the same hair.

    My brother is the same way because I still got hair :D

    Well you’re better than my siblings. I know my mom pays a lot for my brother that lives out of town, pays a lot of stuff for my sister, and gives my brother a pay check for not doing any work.

    Thanks :) I’d hug you, but don’t want to get you sick

    My friend tried to play cupid me the other day, but I’m happy with that girl I told you about in the PM. I know people look at online relationships as something for others that can’t find a date, but at the same time she isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met before. From the first time w saw each other we just felt something special that just kept growing more and more each time we talked till we decided to give it a shot. We know it’s going to be hard down the road, but if it ends with us being together forever it will all be worth it, and if it ends we know it is for the best and it will hurt us, but at least we’ll always have the memories. I’m sure its like that with you and this guy

    A lot of people are jealous of the beautiful people such as you?

    I know you moved out on your own and are living as such. It isn’t like you are waiting for mom and dad to pay your way with everything?

    Tbh, not really much of anything. I got a cold I want to get rid of and going out with friends wouldn’t help. I did go trick or treating with most of my nephews and oldest niece tonight at one of their birthday parties.

    What do you have planned? Going to parties and watch most of the guys and a few of the girls fight to see who gets to dance with you?


    No worries

    Well you do the same for me, so it’s only right I return the favor. XD younger family members always have the best stories.

    Well that's what happens a lot with the younger kids, but it looks like to us it is the older kids who are the spoiled ones.

    Well I just sent my reply to that.

    That sounded a bit perverted

    No! I thank you, you don't thank me. You know for being so smart you don't understand that simple thing. Well hopefully your computer can stand a high beauty rate.

    My mom says my sister is getting treated for the way she acted when she was a kid. It's fun to watch her, but that's since I'm among the fe wshe is nice to.

    Do you mean reply again?

    I’m sure you wouldn’t let me down in the end.

    Thanks Kiddo. I don’t know what you look like, but I do know your beautiful.

    You and my oldest niece would be best friends. I love her and all, but sometimes she can be a little bit of a ….

    I did get offend to be paid to sleep with somebody back in high school, so I could always do that.

    I’d trust you to operate on me anytime. Btw, what kind of cosmetic surgery would you give me to improve my looks? That is if you haven’t fully blocked out the memory of the picture you saw of me, and can tell better.

    Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! Last time I checked sugar is sweet and girls are made out of it so it makes you sweet.

    Hope you are well

    Weell, I kinda like the school, at least my sisy's with me ~
    The class's good too, I start to like it ..

    You think soo? My sister (the other one) always said high school's the best
    I think her age's like yours :3

    Thanks rosey <33

    Thanks you, but I really don’t think I want that out of life.

    What will you be doing there?

    Aww you’re to sweet towards me

    Missed ya more <3

    The school'll start next week, and i'm glad because i'm in high school now
    I see, that's okaay :3

    Then i'll keep coming here just to see your VM ~
    Work and such.

    Been looking into getting a pilot license at the begging of the year, or I got a call have looking into a psychology class, and my dad’s friend that is a therapist thinks I’d be good at it.

    Btw, the nice to see you back I’ve missed you

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