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Recent content by Rosemary

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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    After not playing the game for a while .decided to try the famous masuda method for the first time , after I got a German eevee from the gts and hatching nearly 300 eggs gave up tried with a shinx, and got a french shinx from the gts this time I hatched a shiny rash nature shinx at the 57 egg...
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    Subspace Generate Graphics

    Sorry for picking up so late! the banner is gorgeous I love it ! thanks will use it with proper credit.
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    Subspace Generate Graphics

    Your artwork is beautiful mind if I request something? Tini I'd like a simple banner please. Background Image/Colour: any that first or looks good ,not too dark Images(Up to 3):http://i741.photobucket.com/albums/xx57/Skunky7/Pokemon/Emolga/1.jpg...
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    Your Favourite Sinnoh Gym Leader?

    I say Volkner he;s my fave one from the gym leaders
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    Raichu or Luxray?

    I preffer Luxray you can breed it so it knows either fire fang or Ice fang Raichu is way too over used in my opinion
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    Finding Yourself ; blood will always be thicker than water a FF x-2 story

    Author's Note : Hello everybody this is my first attempt to post a non- pokemon related story, but a Final Fantasy x-2 instead,this an original creation of mine as well the main Character ,this story is in personal point of view but for small parts it will change to third one, currently I just...
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    Hello! I'm sorry to bother you but I saw an old post from you that said this ; " I can make...

    Hello! I'm sorry to bother you but I saw an old post from you that said this ; " I can make your Eevee evolve into Glaceon or Leafeon if anyone's interested. I have Diamond and SS" in the leafeon graceon trade forum, and I'm in need of a female leafeon and glaceon for my Heartgold ,are you...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    After not playing the game for a long time, istarted playing it again mostly because i got wifi,used the gts and got a japanese spiritomb on a trade ,since I had my doubts wheter it was fake or not I breed it then release it,now, I'm training Spiritomb and a Skuntank .
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    Lunar Destiny Shoppe

    It's perfect I love it thanks so much will use it right away!
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    Atheist & Agnostic Family

    Can I join this club please? I'm atheist thought my parents are catholic, throught years I found plenty of reasons to stars doubting about church may I join please ? Ill give free cookies if you say yes
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    Lunar Destiny Shoppe

    I hope is safe to order something now. --B a n n e r - - Size: 400x200 Images: http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af155/pw2-patterns/Pics%20for%20Patterns/035.jpg Text: Choose your side.. Extra make it look pretty and somewhat misterious but not too dark thank you so much in advance and...
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    The "Ugh I hate when people do this" thread

    I hate stupid people seriously when you go to a certain place and they are there today a very stupid one put wrong information on my ID for a moment I wondered if the girl was blind seriously that or she has a color blindness disorder that doesn't let her recognize blue eye color and yeah...
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    in nearly 4 weeks I will graduate from college in medicine we are all kind of sad about it,since I made a lot of great friends and stuff,I got the confirmation i will be graduating since I passed my final exam with an 86 percent, I don't wanna be mean but I'm happy that school is over but i'll...
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    I have an obsession with handbags from certain brands and shoes ,I don't know how many handbags I have but the last time I checked I had 12 and shoes who knows lately I have an obsession with collecthing thigs that have phrases in different languages
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    Bad things you do.

    I'm Perfect I hardly never do anything bad besides playing a few pranks on friends girlfriend for the sake the girl isn't in my favorite person list