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  • Lol I'm sorry for spamming all over your wall but I came across a Level Ball Soudowoodo I received in a trade sometime last week and i think I haven't told you about that one. So in total I have eight Pokémon for you: Soudowoodo in Fast, Moon and Level Ball, Snorlax in Lure Ball, HA Dream Ball Dunsparce and Chatot and the two HA Skrelps in Dive and Luxury Ball. I also have a trade pending for Snorlax in Moon Ball, I hope to get that one tomorrow so then it would even be nine.

    Could you give me in return: Lure Ball Soudowoodo, Dream Ball Plusle, Chimcheo and Duskull, HA Dream Ball Dwebble, Seviper and Eevee.
    Only seven because of Eevee's 12.5% :)

    Let me know when you're able to trade, I understand if it's possible during the holidays.
    I can now also breed the following Pokémon:
    - lure ball Snorlax
    - fast and moon ball Soudowoodo

    Could you breed me a female HA Dream Ball Eevee in return? I know broken gender HA females are a pain to breed but I wanted to ask at least :p I would give you all three for that one but you could add a female Dream Ball Plusle if you wish. I got Minun the other day and it now wants a friend :D
    I only have AS but I managed to get them both through trades :) Could you breed me a female HA Dream Ball Duskull and Chimcheo (normal Ability)?
    It does ;) I think I'll take your Sudowoodo first, hoping that it will give me access to more Sudowoodos and Snorlax' (Snorlaxes? What's the correct plural? lol) I should get fast and moon ball Sudowoodo and HA dream ball Chatot within a few days but nothing for Snorlax yet :/
    Well I'm currently working on catching every Pokémon available in the game with Apricorn balls ;) I can't say how far I am, I still need to make that list as well. For now I have mostly focused on swarm Pokémon and those from the bug contest thing but it's going well ^^ I have only transfered very few though. I have both HG and SS, as soon as I have let's say 75% of all Pokémon caught, I will restart one of the games to get the remaining Snorlax and Soudowoodos but I hope to get as many on forums as I can ^^
    Haha I will make a list xD I completely missed out the Dream World so all I have come from trades. I'll be on holidays from tomorrow till Sunday so don't expect any replies from me in that time but I won't forget :) But I can already tell you that I need that Sudowoodo in the lure ball ^^
    This is like early Christmas, thank you so much! I've already asked for the Pokémon you need on a German Pokémon forum, I hope to get some response there :)
    Sorry for my inbox, I didn't notice! Unfortunately the only thing I have from your list is Sudowoodo caught in a heavy ball (I also used that one for Snorlax) but if I should come across the other Pokémon you need I will contact you immediately. It's still on my SS but I will start to transfer it now :) Let me know when you have time to trade, this will take a while lol
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