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  • I decided to vm u because you'll get to it faster.

    i was thinking on aboma EQ, Wood Hammer, Brick Breack and Ice punch

    what do you think

    also what nature?
    yeah that set sounds good. Toxic spikes might work very well for your stall-ish team. Just make sure there are no grounded poison types on the foes team. Ice beam could be switched for protect to scout and when facing rain gain some hp with rain dish. Ice beam is also a good option though.
    Yeah I guess another psychic is not really the best choice, and espy and xatu don't really benefit from TR anyway. Tyranitar could work in your team, but you don't need the SS because you already have hippo. Do you want to use Tar as a special wall or as a pursuit trapper? And after all, Tar doesn't really help against rain. And I assume you wanted a magic bounce user to prevent hazards?

    Maybe you can use Tentacruel to counter rain even more, use rapid spin to get rid of hazards, and it is still a very good special wall. Plus it is a complete stop against Scizor with some defensive ev's. The only problem is that it's relatively fast, but with 0 iv's and negative nature it will be good enough.

    Hope this helps!
    Really sorry to bug you again but can you trade now? Message me back if you can thine I will meet you in the room
    I'd trade for whatever you wanna trade me, but I can't set a time really... unless we're on at the same time. What time zone are you in?
    yes but the offspring are still hacks as well and asking for hacks here is against the rules.
    well i have some dw dratinis with some good evs, a kyruem for offer and other dw pokemon, but which else would you like because I may have that as well.
    crap -___- i forgot the johto starters. I'm a little busy, so do you mind if I trade the gen 2 and gen 4 starters later?
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