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    Wow, I feel like a total dumbass, just read your closed apology topic ^^; I guess I accept your general apology, but I'm still not accepting the friend request just yet...
    And what 'way' would that be? Would you be friends with someone if they called you all sorts of things and didn't even try to apologize?
    LOL, you send me a friend request after not even apologizing? -.- I might accept, but not anytime soon, sorry
    So, you do like pokemon?
    *looks at sig*
    Oh... I'll take that as a yes.
    I'm glad that you erased the thread and the visitor message. ^_^
    Especially since it stated that you'd be gay too but, whatever. It looks like you made yourself your first friend.
    Okay then. But, maybe the reason you can't find a spriter is because you called everybody gay.
    If you were going to say that. At least wait until you found a spriter already.
    That's all I got to say. Later!
    Whatever, I really don't care who you get to make your sprites, just please stop leaving me visitor messages -.-
    Yeah, and because I've seen you asking a LOT of spriters here to make sprites for you, and you'd probably just use it without even giving me credit. So, no, I will not complete your request
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