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  • as tempting as that sounds, I'm afraid I'll still have to say 'no'
    I'm really sorry, but I'm having enough work as is with my own fakemons. Besides, I can't really work on your game if I'm wanting to make my own game as well. I'd run the risk of accidentally stealing one of your ideas, or on the other hand I'd be fueling my own competition.

    Very sorry. But no.
    I am ssssoooo sorry, I haven't really been spriting much lately. I'll try to get it done tomorrow, Friday at the latest ^^
    I have a hard enough time getting through drawing and spriting requests. The main reason why I want to drop out of Cobalt is because it requires someone who is actually dedicated to sprite for EVERYTHING. Including front sprites and back sprites for a whole fakedex. I can't handle that.

    So it isn't your fault. ^^; And you didn't originally bring up the problem with the stolen ideas and that, I found out by DudeM that Prinny was off a different game, and that was when I figured that I might as well drop out before I disappoint too much.
    A project needs approval first. Like your intentions, if allowing others to assist etc before it is fine to post.
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