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Rotom Router
Last Activity:
Jul 19, 2017
Nov 16, 2013
Likes Received:
April 22
Punching Happy Minds
Professional Internet Bum

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Rotom Router

Just Won't Stay Dead, from Punching Happy Minds

Rotom Router was last seen:
Jul 19, 2017
    1. V
      Nice nice, I'll be 19 in 3 days :o last year as a teenager, so sad

      My car has a mustache! And a Bowtie. His name is Edgar <3
    2. Colton S
      Colton S
      YEAH!! Splatoon, here I come!!
    3. V
      My dad and aunt used to play ball in the pool with me- literally

      I was the ball .-. They tossed me back and forth and I loathed it x.x I was caught in a rip tide with my friend at the beach once, that scared me too

      I am glad I didn't have a beard, being a girl and all xD but yay beards on dudes!

      So how old are you now, if you don't mind me asking
    4. Colton S
      Colton S
      We're nearing the end of the school year, so that's good and bad with finals and such. -_-
      But at least I'll have some free time! :D
    5. Colton S
      Colton S
      Hey there, my friend! I haven't talked with you in ages! What's going on with you?
    6. V
      I was a picture-perfect nerd in middle school/early high school

      Then I was back to being my rocker chick self, though honestly I could fit into a different category every day of the week
    7. V
      They're handy when I to swimming since I'm terrified of swimming if I can't see, and for days like today when my bangs go crazy and won't sit right on the glasses >~<

      and be happy because braces SUCK really, really bad
    8. V
      I think I got mine in middle school... I can't remember. I know I got braces in middle school and off I think 10th grade

      My glasses now have shiny zebra print, yay (I'm obsessed with shiny/sparkly things .-.)
    9. V
      Gah I forget how weird glasses feel until I wear contacts all day then put my glasses back on... And I forget how weird contacts are because I rarely wear them xD
    10. Solar Faber
      Solar Faber
      Yeah true, I get it I guess
    11. V
      Oh haha xD I feel silly now x3

      I'm working on my art final and if I don't screw up the execution part it will be amazing because it's a super cool idea :3

      I think on double dash I used to pick the princesses or yoshi but I haven't played that in years and don't really remember
    12. V
      IKR ;-; I love king boo... He's my choice whenever he's available, but Koopa is my 2nd choice.

      You mean Brii? Yeah, she's my 2nd favorite character I have lol after Rinni who's just too cute

      Basically all of my characters represent one of my many personalities: Rinni is the quiet, tiny one (me physically) who likes any and all music, Brii is my fancy side which comes out when I watch too much British television or just listen to people with accents too long.. ^^', Liena is the closet nerd side of me, all comic loving and Star Trek/Wars and that sort of thing, Naat is the supporting one who just wants his friends to be happy and he's sort of helpless but manages to get by (again, me physically >~<), and Gracie is the video-gamer and hopeless romantic side of me .... *cough* Yeah that side needs to go away some times -.-' bleh

      Oh, and Wade is the absolutely random lunatic who just shows up whenever he feels like it and causes absolute mayhem
    13. V
      Oh haha sorry that completely went over my head! ^^' I'll PM you the reasons; dint wanna spoil the big surprise for anyone else! ;)

      We played MK almost all the way to Disney with the marching band my sophomore year of high school xD I won a lot, but I also lost a lot... The one guy was really mad because he didn't know who my character was so he just kept shouting my Nickname saying he hated me whoever I was x'D
    14. V
      Geez, poor Ellie...

      I was thinking, if your Klefki (whose name I forget ;-; ) developed a crush on Gracie, my Teddiursa, it'd make for a wonderful tragic situation later... For certain reasons lol idk if you know about them

      And me too xD I'm not sure which one i have I'd have to check
    15. V
      Also, wanna have an actual Mario Kart race to see who'd win? :P
    16. V
      Ehr merh .. Helix

      Would you like to get a bit involved in a plot I've got with fango? I can fill you in on details if you're interested
    17. Dragalge

      Oh yes, it took my over maybe 20 tries to even get past the first part to reach the pirate master. :p Shame they didn't include her in Rotty's theme.

      Eh if you're worried about your privacy than it's alright if you don't want to show me. Hope you had a great one! :)
    18. Dragalge
      I'm more surprised they're releasing a game on an unreleased device lol.

      Sooo you made it through the boggy island? :p

      Oh yeah happy Bearthday!
    19. TrottingMinccino
      Say, I'm just gonna throw the idea out there, but what do you think of more of our Pokemon High characters hooking up? Maybe one of the Ghost girls and my Wilbur hooking up for the prom and eventually becoming a couple?

      It's up to you, of course.
    20. Akwakwak
      I'm not "into" Kirby so I don't remember the names but I have played some of the older ones.
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    April 22
    Punching Happy Minds
    Professional Internet Bum
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    Just a nerdy guy, surfing on these virtual waves.
    Taking the million tubes going everywhere.

    Kirby, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Nintendo in general, anime girls especially with glasses, Outer Space.


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