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  • It bums me out a little because I stayed up all night modifying Max's history to fit Pokemon. There's a few hours of sleep I'll never get back. I'm glad you get to meet him, finally. :) You gonna make references to him in your SU?

    My only complaint was how long it took to get a proper capture. It looks like that's being worked on.

    I'll be honest, I haven't looked at FB that much lately. I went to UPN once to see what was new, and everything looks like it's coming together nicely. I'll come back there eventually when everything has settled.
    What do you think of all the changes going on in FB? I don't feel like I've been active long enough to contribute anything.
    You'll regret saying that one day. Thanks. :)

    Speaking of, you should finish your Sign Up for Broken Fairy Tale. :p The RP has started.

    On an unrelated note, even though you came here first, I'm actually the Serebii veteran. I've been active longer. Which is funny because you were the one who convinced me to come here in the first place. :p
    Wasn't expecting you to join the Fairy Tale RPG. I've only ever seen you do Pokemon related things. :p
    I don't know...I mean I get I'm new and all but at the same time it's like I feel that I'm expected to already be this advanced RPer that should post a bunch of things at once. Of course maybe not to the degree like you as you said but sometimes when I post but look at the others, mines feel all puny. Heck, I have trouble trying to make my characters talk without going "said "*insert character*" all of the time whereas everyone else doesn't do it or hardly types the generic "said" word when characters communicate. I know short-and-sweet is good and all but sometimes I feel as even that's not enough and I need to put more details in my post like everyone else.

    tl;dr I feel small and weak compared to you all. ;_; Maybe I'm overreacting but I hope you all understand at least.

    I'm not joking. While your RP post was splendid (awesome Grubbin!), it...scared me and brung me back to why I didn't join in the first place. .-.
    I guess Scott's not dead after all. Ex Admiral Insane updated my old post in Phantom Isle. xD Awkward! I'm not complaining, an update is an update. I'll just roll with it. xD The Mons will just be shared between all three characters. lol.

    Kyle might have the same issue if he knew Kyurem was the man eating monster everyone is so afraid of. Then again, he might like that. xD I don't think Lacunosa has any books on the subject, though.

    Yes, you thought about this way too hard. :p

    Btw, if you weren't aware already, we have a discussion thread!
    I'm indecisive. Well after seeing how completely barebones the OC of myself is, I decided to use a more completel character to make it easier to get 300+ word posts. Plus it's so weird RPing as myself.

    The plot demands she be on board with this! And the plot always gets what it wants! :p

    Well once you discover your an insect cyborg, you'd be hesitant too. xD
    I've been told that before. :p

    Unfortunately. :( Thankfully, Tim isn't picky with Pokemon. There is a Chinchou in the Adoption Center I could adopt for him. :3 EDIT: Added Tim's bio to my members post. His information is so much more fleshed out than Scott's. xD I'll fix that eventually.

    Edit 2: Tim has filed papers to adopt a Chinchou. xD

    Edit 3: Actually, my Pokemon belong to Leo now. I've edited all my Zone Replies, and turned Scott into Leo. xD

    Who's in denial here, Iris or Rene? If it's Iris having powers gives her an opportunity to leave her strict family. That's the logic I used with Kyle.
    Not anymore. I've used Tim by himself in a few RP's here. I think Tim is the only character from the FC days I've kept. xD She may come back someday, but I have a few spoiled rich girl characters already that I'd have to think of something to set her apart from the others.

    A few more? You have 12 Pokemon. I only have four. You have enough to make a full team for a second character. :p Where are you finding all these people to trade with? I know about the White Market on UPN. It doesn't seem that active.

    Alright, I will. :p I need to put Tim's bio somewhere, and figure out an intro. Maybe get Tim a Pokemon of his own first. I'll win a Castform at the Casino. Edit: I could have sworn Castform was a Casino prize... Apparently it's not.

    Speaking of updating. I feel the need to nag you for RP posts. Legendary Awakening is active, and The Ultimates is not...
    Well, I still have to get posting permissions before I can post in FB on Bulbagarden.

    Not yet, but I already went through the trouble of making sure those posts were 300+ words. :/ Don't really feel like deleting them now. Plus, technically these characters are technically using my Pokemon anyway.

    Most likely, one or more of my existing RPG characters. The archive is here. Tim would probably be the easiest to start with. He's not picky when it concerns Pokemon. I can win him something from the Casino when I have the coins, or adopt something from the adoption center. Then add other characters later when I have more mons to give them.

    Eh, probably better to stick to one character per zone then.

    There's an idea. I can even "loan" Tim my Pokemon for that. :p
    It's there. Hasn't been posted in a while, but it's there.

    Well, I'm already RPing with the OC of myself in zones, otherwise I'd dump him. :p

    So, to clarify something. If I had two characters, and I wanted them travelling together on the same adventure, would I be allowed to do that or no?
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