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Feb 26, 2010
Likes Received:
Currently living in a pokedex
College student when I'm not haunting machines

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    1. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      @Your Signature: In other words, "The fear of fear." xD
    2. mockingjay
      So, you in?
    3. mockingjay
      Your team won the contest and decided to bring you back into the competition.
    4. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Thank you very much. 8'D

      Not like you could forget, my birthday is literally a week after yours. xD

      So, whatcha doin? xD
    5. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Have you forgotten something today? *Hint hint*
    6. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      What? No Oshawott plushie? xD

      I found it after a quick Google search. I've made subaccounts for Mari, Tim, and Scott (It feels so awkward talking about a character with the same name as me.)

      Right, I am and it doesn't. xD

      Meh, I'll make the mod application tomorrow. It's late here.
    7. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Aw, that's sad. But at least your family gave you presents. xD

      I lurk there too. That doesn't surprise me at all. xD

      I made an account for RolePlay base (There's Supposed to be a link to it there.) I'll help out with it once it's up and running.
    8. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I almost forgot

      Happy Birthday! =D

      Shame you're not on MF so I can make the thread.
    9. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Did you get the same PM from someone named iSketchy that I got?
    10. DooblyDooHaxorus
      What happened with the servers an hour ago? O.o
    11. _Lolli_
      ........... Okay just wait till tomorrow and see if I have anything to say by then xD;

      Before you started on rotoms :3

      They were good memories *wipes imaginary tears* .... I remember probably embarrassing the crap out of you when I kept calling your voice cute when you battled that one time xD I felt bad afterwards when I realized but it was just too weird a thing to apologize for xD;

      yesh, I'm actually not sure how that started actually me and Sushi just didn't want to take sides xD
    12. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      After seeing Metal Bagon's post, I'm tempted to make my Trapinch's partner a female Gible. xD
    13. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Trapinch will be the human turned Pokemon for sure (He's also that friend I mentioned in Selena's history that she can only faintly remember. xD) but I haven't decided on the partner yet.

      I'm between Yanma, Pikachu, Eevee (To eventually be an Umbreon), Litwick, or Emolga
    14. _Lolli_
      ... I would draw it, but I'm not that good at drawing those kinds of things xD;

      ... And again you must wait.. stop laughing at me already xD

      You're welcome~ And still it was funny so that's what counts xD

      pshhhh let's just agree we would probably start rubbing of on each other at the same time if we haven't already xD *shot*

      ..... Possibly? xP Still its nice to remember things x3 Like I remember when you were all about mudkips xD
    15. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      We've both been accepted. =D

      Now I have to make my second group.

      Also, today is September the 12th. If you weren't aware.
    16. _Lolli_
      ...... I'm glad I could be of service xD And that does sound pretty hilarious actually xD

      Well since you replied so fast I don't have anything yet so wait a some more /shot xD;

      Facedesk~! :D .... I like what you did with the unlock thing by the way xD

      pfttttt I was just thinking that, stop being like me Kohai *shot* I may rub off on you in the wrong ways xD
    17. _Lolli_
      yeah I do too so.... yeah

      Olimar kinda just... throws them. Olimar must have really good arm muscles from throwing them so often xD

      .... That does sound cool, too bad I don't know how to use him xD;

      hmmm *thinks* Not at the moment though I could think it over and tell you if I have anything the next time I reply? O:

      ... Its okay Kohai, you make me laugh so its all good xD I just said that 'cause I didn't want you to get the wrong idea or anything .-.

      Maybe that's why I'm your Sempai and you're my Kohai *shot* I find it kinda funny though that I asked you to be my specific Kohai that long time ago when I didn't know you that well and it turns out we had a lot in common xD
    18. _Lolli_
      Yeah and then if he's wrong he won't admit it and stay stay you're wrong even if you have proof

      That silly Olimar, we gotta also give credits to the pikmin though! >w<

      ..... maybe, that would also explain why he doesn't talk, he's too lazy too xD

      Awwww well at least he has the box as a taunt though, 'cause otherwise it would just be sad D:

      hmmmm yeah its kinda sad actually, maybe we could think of someway to make it actually work? O:

      At the Noir Vale chat on pokimono the were talking about this seme uke test and I took it and that's what it told me I was ;v; .... it kinda makes sense though, my ex-boyfriend(and different person then who you're thinking of xD; ) was flirting with me for months apparently before we actually dated and I don't even know until he said right out that he was /ohsoverydense
    19. CptDrDigi
      Nice to know that at least one Serebii member has seen Whose line is it anyway.
    20. _Lolli_
      Because he wins all the time and is so cocky that it makes me wanna stab him in the eye D: He's the kind of person that thinks he's always right (even though he's only a couple of months older then me *huffs*)

      I like how Peach can float, I don't really use her all that often anymore xD My little brother and sister like to use Olimar x3

      That Trainer is just too beans to fight and get hurt I guess xD .... Either that or he's just incredibly lazy *shot*

      ..... Ah that does sound like a nice feeling, though I probably would never feel it xD; Question though, can you use his box as one of his move sets? O:

      This reminds me of the SSBB fanfic you did at the FC I put a whole ton of work into my moves and stuff and it never really caught on ;v;

      ... Also apparently I'm an innocent uke *headdesk*
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  • About

    Currently living in a pokedex
    College student when I'm not haunting machines
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    A humble Rotom, I was born on a date in a month a number of years ago within the Old Chateau

    RPing, reading fics, non-competitive gaming, and scaring the crap out of people trying to do laundry


    .:[Fizzy Bubbles]:.​