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Feb 26, 2010
Likes Received:
Currently living in a pokedex
College student when I'm not haunting machines

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    1. DooblyDooHaxorus
      There I posted my new character, Chase, although he doesnt matter, as in my next post, he dies (i'm cruel I know. I only give a character one and a half posts to live xD) I may post it later tonight, or if not, tomorrow morning at ehhhhhhhh 10-ish
    2. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      No, the biggest trolling Game Freak's ever done is that Rotom-S, holding Air Balloon, and Baton Passed Magnet Rise is possible. xD *shot*

      I change avatars/user titles frequently, I most likely won't be staying with this for long.
    3. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      So by using this as my avatar, does this make me THE Blue Rotom now? xD *shot*
    4. LunarUmbreon
      Ah I hate sucky timing, it's a pain. Hope you had fun at the wedding though. xD Although the whole Internet thing must have been really annoying.

      Ugh, really? Mine starts on the 22nd. Dx Summer, you shall be missed. D: *Salutes* *Shot* xDD Oh, I've seen that PMD-Explorers group! I've been thinking of joining it but I dont know whether or not I'd to stick to it 'till the end, considering how lazy I am with such things. D: Good luck with it though~ ^^

      Lol, I was actually meaning to make one. xD You having moved here gave me another reason, so I kicked my lazy self into action and made it. xD
    5. LunarUmbreon
      Hello Yellow-kun~ Everything okay? When I heard you left Mangafox, I almost had a heart attack. D: But then Mon told us you were still active here, so at least we can still talk here~ ^^

      I dont blame you for leaving though, considering everything thats been going on in the FC lately. :/ (Not that I should be talking considering I rarely ever come on nowadays...)

      But lets not dwell on facts that make us sad. So, for old times sake, what's up Yellow-kun~?
    6. Arceus94
      You're not ust the Yellow Rotom.. You're THE Yellow Rotom D:
    7. Raijiin
      ........Does every body have serebii?!

      Oh and well im just one of the people in life who generally do think of themselves as the main cause of it. Im just eh, too good of a person to think it was someone else fault? i think it makes snese, but yeah i have been, and im trying to get into the Project legends thing hre too. It seems like its moving faster than ours?

      Anyway, ill post it sooner or later, mabey today, but it feels good knowing i got respect back or something. Now i just got Rox left and then i think my conscious is cleared.
    8. Raijiin
      Hey Yel, im not here to do much just apologize for the way i acted. I didnt formally apologize to you and all, but id thought id out to since i made ya leave. I found ya on serebii and just say you dont have to talk to me, but for just being the idiot i am cant make up for all these stupid mistakes.
      and on top of it all i dont want to leave our friendship on a sour note. So im finding a way to get in contact with the people i made leave first, and since ive yet to find Roxy, i apoligize to you first.

      Once more im sorry. Adios Mi Amigo
    9. Ruby Blue
      Ruby Blue
      Wow Yel, never thought I'd see the day you quit Mangafox.
    10. Virawl
      So... I heard you left the FC for good. I think it might be about time I do too.
    11. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      The fics are the only reason I stick around myself. Unfortunately, those haven't been going well lately. :/ I miss the good days. When more people joined fanfics, and they stayed on the front page for longer than a week. :/ They were fun.

      I don't really pay attention to all the drama (Though, I do know everything that's happened. :/ The whole thing was just..ugh... :/)

      The FC has been inactive in general. I find myself coming on here more than there. :/
    12. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I'm leaving indefinitely. If you really want to talk to me, ask Monster Guy where you can find me.
      Can't say I blame you. :/
    13. DittoDude
      Hey, since you help with project legends, can you read my non-LC signup and tell me whether or not it's good enough?
    14. Unknown Guy 960
      Unknown Guy 960
      Ah, I see so. I'll get it done very soon.
    15. Unknown Guy 960
      Unknown Guy 960
      Oh, I see.

      I am not. I simply read posts that are posted between the time of my latest departure and most recent arrival for the sake of more information. Simple to say, I stalk. *shot*

      Eh? I think not. I'm not the one up for the job, you see. Just... isn't the plan of getting the other participants to take away their non-plot following posts already pulled off?

      And by the way, I was once thinking of controlling part of the organization and giving the RP-ers a taste of their true wrath. That was before the slaughter of non-plot following posts, however.
    16. DooblyDooHaxorus
    17. DooblyDooHaxorus
      Hey on Project Legends, we are allowed to control what the secret organization does to our character right?
    18. -Sarah
      You're welcome! :)
    19. -Sarah
      Your request has been made! :) You can find it at Mew's Universe!
    20. Unknown Guy 960
      Unknown Guy 960
      Wait... why did you delete it anyway?

      EDIT: Hmm.... *rubs chin* I've read your convo with Mon, and it seems so...
      I'll agree with it then.

      And why not we set our own rule about using your character? If the character is not used in a limited time after sign up - like about a week or shorter, he/she will be taken off the list.
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    Currently living in a pokedex
    College student when I'm not haunting machines
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    A humble Rotom, I was born on a date in a month a number of years ago within the Old Chateau

    RPing, reading fics, non-competitive gaming, and scaring the crap out of people trying to do laundry


    .:[Fizzy Bubbles]:.​