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Feb 26, 2010
Likes Received:
Currently living in a pokedex
College student when I'm not haunting machines

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    1. If U Seek Amy
      If U Seek Amy
      Okay, I made a new post. It seems that it is following the rules.
    2. MotherRussia
      Ok!~ *Starts vigorously editing post* =D
    3. MotherRussia
      Ok! My new post doesn't break any rules, does it? I'm positive it doesn't, but I wanted a n MG's confirmination.
    4. If U Seek Amy
      If U Seek Amy
      That'll work. I'll do that.
    5. MotherRussia
      Sincerely sorry for messing up PL. D: I thought I was doing a good job, but I was really ruining the experience for everyone else, yourself included. I hope you forgive me!
    6. Virawl
      Alright then. : )
    7. Virawl
      Okay then.... Who wants to announce it?
    8. Virawl
      We'll salvage it with hard work and a little more oversight from us GM's.

      Yea, most everyone else had been off topic. I don't think some of these people has bothered to read the plot or the Rules Thread. Seriously.

      Hmmm... Maybe. What's Mon opinion about kicking Lawmaster out?
    9. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      You were probably the only GM on at the time.

      Personally, I think a mass deletion of posts would be the best thing. (I don't want this to end up like how PGA became.) But DooblyDooHaxorus isn't going to be back untill next week. :/ What do we do about him?

      I also think Latios and Lugia should be made available again. Lawnmaster hasn't posted in the RP since it started. :/
    10. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I'm on.

      I'm just invisble so people don't bug me with

      "Have you seen my Sign Up yet?"

    11. DooblyDooHaxorus
      Please check my signup to replace DVB as Darkrai's child :3 It'll be greatly appreciated!
    12. Gijinka
      Did you check mine yet?
    13. Gijinka
      Okay, I fixed it
    14. Gijinka
      It am I missing from my sign up? I kinda want to fix it...
      BTW this is my first description, I am really bad at them XD
    15. MotherRussia
      Please check the Project Legends Sign-Up thread! Thank you! C:
    16. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Not really, so far everyone's mostly doing their own thing. :/

      And then Tim steps outside and it suddenly rains again. xD

      And then it gets sunny again

      and then it rains again.

      And then it gets sunny again.

      Over and over again, just like in Emerald. xD

      So are Tim and Adam/Kyogre and Groudon gonna be battling again so we can get characters together? Are we gonna do something different this time? xD
    17. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Meh, Drake's dealt with worse. xD *shot*

      Chances are very good that Adam and Tim are going to have to work together. (Without Rawr...I mean Alex around. xD *shot*)
    18. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I wish Adam had a female Flygon, but Vibrava is close enough. xD

      (This'll make Drake seem like a pedo though. xD)
    19. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      On the contrary, Lily's powers are just fine. She is Arceus' child after all. xD

      Some of the other people are really holding back when it cocerns the powers. I know Rawl said he didn't want Godmodding but...seriously they can do better. :/

      Two shy people? Good luck having any character interaction. xD

      Those shy/antisocial types are a pain in the rear to incorporate into a story. It'd be out of character for them to approach anyone, and anyone that does speak to them, they'll probably shoo them away unless the other person is persistent.
    20. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I copy and pasted "Scott's" profile from "The Village" and Mari and Tim's Sign Up from another RP. I don't see the problem with reusing the same Sign Up if you use the same character's repeatedly. :/ (I've stalked DVB every RP he joins, he always uses Diego Vendrix in every RP. xD)

      By the way, you forgot to remove the word Yellow from "Drew's" Sign Up. xD
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    Currently living in a pokedex
    College student when I'm not haunting machines
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    A humble Rotom, I was born on a date in a month a number of years ago within the Old Chateau

    RPing, reading fics, non-competitive gaming, and scaring the crap out of people trying to do laundry


    .:[Fizzy Bubbles]:.​