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  • maybe we should just start having pm conversations for the sake of longer character limit xD

    pft being Dr. Frankenstein would be cool I would think. I mean you would feel oh so accomplished from making this monster?

    I... I don't know, maybe we should just have a fanfic of that sometime to see what would actually happen? xD

    What you rub on people Kohai? That's not very nice, bad Kohai bad! /shot xD Ah how do you do strike out? O: Also I remember that for that one fanficcccc~

    Well at least its somewhat organized, I don't really have stuff written down so you know at last you have this written down somewhere x3

    ... wat? xD

    Well I still had to get back Wynaut! ;v; Oh well I don't think I could come up with many riddles and honestly I don't know how good that first one was xD;

    Ah that sucks D: w-well I hope things work out better for you soon! D:

    Well some pre-calc problems can be easy to solve once you know what to do, though they take up so much space to dooooo. When we went in for the first day today, me and the other person kinda just filled in the bubbles (you know left from o's and e's and stuff like that?) while our math teachers explained stuff to the pre calc class.... which somehow became a competition to see who could do it the fastest xD;

    I'm sorry D: I guess I'm just kinda lucky when it comes to stuff like that 'cause my parents needed a scanner and all, and then my mom kinda just bought a used tablet ;v;

    They seem to attract around me and my brother's girlfriend when we seem to talk xD;

    You don't even know the half of it, I couldn't sleep at all this night/morning so I ended up trying to think of what to draw for Mako's birthday it was awful, I couldn't sleep at all .-.

    I know right? I mean it seemed the most interesting out of all the ones I looked at that was present day O: I think two rps would be my absolute limit though, I don't think I could handle anymore ^^;

    /feels so proud I fit this all in one comment
    Wait a second, didn't Fic!Yel die in the Orre Fanfic sequel? 0_o

    Or were you magically brought back from the dead?
    Sadly I would only stay for the fanfics only to find out they were dead.... which is really quite sad really 'cause Omelett was never officially born in that one Sinnoh fanfic! D:

    Yayyy *spreads the love around* /shot xD

    Sadly I sometimes wonder who should really be the older one in this relationship, considering I don't act like an almost adult kjdhvjdjfv

    Well then at least you wouldn't have to worry about getting exercise then! Its all given to you during PE~ /trying to find the bright side of this situation

    Yeah I sure hope so, though I heard calculus problems take quite a amount of time to complete ;w;

    Maybe, you should practice practice~! There's actually people with all kinds of drawing abilities there, the group judges on the chara and not artistic qualities when choosing apps~

    I seem to have those all the time lately I don't know why they just seem to attract to me lately or something? xD I've had plenty of conversations like that over the summer though that are just funny xD

    Of course I don't stalk your stalking abilites... nao *shot xD* And I'm glad I could help you out with that? xD

    Really? ;w; Truth is I like that character too, she ended up being made when I couldn't sleep one night 'cause I was trying to figure out what she would look like and her characteristics and stuff ^^;

    I ended up drawing her recently too its ummm... http://wynaut-chan.deviantart.com/#/d476njb here. I started thinking about her character again lately and decided she's the chara I should give all these odd quirks too~ I'm thinking about putting her in this other gijinka rp, Pokecity that apparently a lot of the people I know from pokimono are in. It seems like a fun place actually~ And I still need to draw a finished reference sheet for her to refer back too... /my growing list of things to do in my head otl
    / ...doesn't even know where to start to reply on this conversation anymore xD

    Well first of all I would like to say I find it funny how our comments keep getting longer and longer as we reply

    Second of all I guess I will respond to the comment that you left about fic!Kohai so as to not confuse mahself xD
    Yay for stalking then~!

    Ah well fic!Lolli is still just fic!Lolli and corresponds with the events that happened to her around the fc... though there is some stuff about her that is outside FC related and has to do more with overall backstory and such~

    I'm actually curious to see how fic!Lolli would react knowing her kohai is only a year younger now, considering the fact that fic!kohai was more then a year younger then her before xD

    Whoo age charts~! My mod friend from pokimono is apparently amazed by how far I can go into backstory for my characters, but really I guess putting a lot of thought into my characters came from hanging around people like Kohai I guess? xD;

    Psh don't feel like a geek Kohai I think its nice how you have this all organized and what not~

    On to reply to the second reply then~!

    Ah well then I'm glad I helped you figure that out then?

    Well then when you're happy 'cause I'm happy then I'm happy 'cause you're happy 'cause I'm happy x3 /we're moving onto confusing sappiness nao!
    /stalk stalk stalk (ahh I hope this doesn't bother you, and if it makes you feel better Mako feels it a great honor that I stalk her tumblr *shot xD*)

    Wow, fic!Yellow is almost as old as fic!Lolli .-. Even though fic!Lolli is just kinda an oc of myself so I guess its kinda granted, but still they're so close in ageeee
    No, it isn't. Otherwise, why would you put it in your sig for all to see?

    I still came first though. :p *shot*

    Raymond Darke? But, he's like...my age. So, what's he teaching?

    I'm using Mari and Tim. I had to edit their history a tiny bit, but not too much. I actually prefer them over the OC of myself for some reason. (And I would've used them in The Village instead of fic!me, had I been allowed to use more than one character.)
    Uh...I saw that you were joining in your signature. :p Besides, I joined it first. And I joined the original.

    I'm guessing the teacher is that guy who was Regigigga's "child" in Project Legends: Reboot, who's name I do not remember. *shot* Considering he's the only adult character you've used that's actually had a big role in the RP they were in. Too many choices for the student though. The OC of yourself? (Can I get a hint if I'm wrong?)

    It's alright. I told you that since you were the Cofagrigus Gijinka in PGA on the FC so I figured it'd be approriate for you to comment, but you were taking long, I was on, and I didn't want to keep him waiting.
    Aaand Loreni's back.

    By, the way, I think you'd be more approiate to comment on the new Sign Up (It's a Cofagrigus Gijinka.)

    Edit: I accepted, but still...

    ↓You're welcome. :p *shot*
    yayyy sappiness xD You don't even know how happy that makes me kohai ;w;

    Yeah I can understand, I kinda stopped going on mf too sadly, I didn't even really do anything there besides checking a thread or two on teh FC and then chcking the new pictures there. And then when you left it was like ".... m-my kohai is gone? ;o; THE FANFICSSSSS"

    I had gym last year for the whole year last year, luckily our coach didn't make us do anything, though we still managed to get excerise xD

    Well there are only going to be two people in my calculus class, me and some other person, and my math teacher is so overbooked we have to actually be in the honors pre-calc class and she'll have to teach us calculus every other day :/

    pftttt xD Sadly I look at my recent visitors all the time

    Well that's good~ It would be bad if they weren't~

    Yeah its really fun actually. They recently went through a change where they kicked out a whole ton of unactive members and went down to 3 villages instead of like 6 so people will be more active. They even had this cool story about the change there was this war and everything! Have to give them props for making everything make sense for the rps still xD
    My friend became a mod there when that happened so he was bugging me to try entering again even though I said I wouldn't after my second time of trying. It was super funny because it was just like "I'm a mod now, you should join." "So you're saying you're going to be biased when judging if I should get in or not by that line of logic?" "......... Just get your app in." xD

    Ah thank you~! >w< I didn't think you had looked at them to be honest ^^;

    ... oh hey look Phineas and Ferb is on *shot xD*
    awwww /feels loved ;o; I was actually worried you were a bit mad at me D:

    augh that sounds like it sucks D: I start school Monday, I'm gonna be busy as hell, I don't see what people see in Senior year *mumbles* Calculussss *whines*

    Its okay kohai, don't worry about it xD I had fun stalking you for a while xD I was thinking maybe if I show up on his recent visitors maybe kohai would notice. Mon gave my your profile account so I figured I should at least say hi to him x3

    I'm liking it so far though I haven't done much lurking on account of dA. Busy with pokimono, Mikka is so fun to rp~ >w<
    *is glomped* Kohai~!

    Well the the truth I missed talking to you and since you wouldn't talk on dA I thought I would just get a serebii account... even though I probably won't do more then lurk xD; I was kinda stalking your serebii account a bit anyways... ^^;
    So, judging by your post, I'm assuming your going to do the Orientation Speech this time?

    Since Loreni isn't here this time, and I'd have no idea what to do. :p
    I also thought Titan was older than he is.

    Now I feel old, considering i'm an adult, and everyone else I'm RPing with is practically a child. D:

    Thankfully, there are other RPers over the age of eighteen on this forum, so it's not too bad. (Apparently, Ysavvryl is 30 according to her RP profile.)

    Technically you can change the domain name. It just costs ten dollars, and I'm not willing to pay it. :p
    Ya know, I can see your age on the other site, even if you keep it hidden. :p

    I thought you were older. 0_o *shot*
    Lol. xD

    Ugh, that sucks. D: Dont you just hate having to run all over the school to get to all your classes? Why are high school's so big? D: What's worse about mine is that its pretty much the biggest high school around these parts. xD;; Ew, math. D: *Throws brick at it* You don't seem all that thrilled for marching band. xD;; I heard it takes quite the physical work. My friend's have been trying to get me to join it (cause they need more flute players xD) but I'd rather just go for wind ensemble. xD

    Nice. xDD *Shot* Good luck with all that. xD Ah, that happens to me a lot. And what's TMS?

    Ah irony. xD And as for your question, I'm not doing anything really. xD;; My Internet is acting funny, like some pages will load and not others (I'm surprised serebii is working.) and it's pissing me off. Dx Well, at least it's working at all. xD And you?
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