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  • Iknorite? D:

    I can imagine that too actually, I thought of that when I read Lance's profile. It's made better when you realize that Shandy is Fire and Lance is Water. xD (They're types are opposite, yet they're so similar.)

    As far as them talking to each other, hm...I think Trixie can help with that somehow. xD

    I'm not exactly sure how though. :/

    Any ideas?
    1. You post it. I don't know what to do for that anyway, someone else wrote that whole speech thing, :/

    2. Sure go ahead.

    Edited post. xD
    I posted in The Village. xD

    I thought it was more appropriate to put this message here instead of on MF. xD
    Heyo! I just made an attempt to revive the Pokemon heroes RPG if you wanna still continue it. I feel bad for never responding to your post way back in June. I had a lot on my mind back then.
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