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  • Oh, hell yes! 8D Of course, this also means I need to get multiples of certain Pokemon. Actually, I need to get more mons in general. But I may RP with them at the Nightclub on Bulbagarden until then, since it's trainers only.
    Thank you. :) Now those candies won't go to waste!

    Aposteriori sent me a PM asking if I was considering rejoining FB, and he told me stuff has changed since I was there last. xD I've been considering coming back for a while though since I've had a few people ask to trade my Togetic, and I don't want to trade it. Especially not now with it's "new" Fairy typing. xD And I'm also doing it to stalk you.

    Speaking of stalking, how are those RPG posts/sign ups coming along? :p
    I wasn't originally planning on this but I have poor impulse control and the character idea hit me out of nowhere so I'd like to reserve Fire with Ho-oh/Vulpix.

    Have been working on it since yesterday, and should hopefully have it done later today or Friday; just wanted to reserve it in case someone were to snipe me while I'm at work.
    If you weren't originally planning this, how could you have been working on it since yesterday? :p

    Your character will immediately be shipped with Kyle, by virtue of Fire and Ice symbolism. You've been warned! :p
    You're welcome!

    Funny you should say that, for my first RP I joined, I actually grinded enough gold to get the clothes I wanted. :p The Gears minigame in particular is surprisingly fun for being so simple. .__.
    Maybe most of my characters are just really generic then. xD With the exception of Veronica (who needs powers to function) and maybe Kyle, I can pretty much use the others anywhere without having to change too much about them. (The count of characters I use for Serebii RPGs is currently 11.)

    You could probably use it again in another RP. I'm sure something will come up eventually. I kind of want a Council of Fairies now.

    I can work with this! If he doesn't identify as either gender, he should have no problems wearing a dress. :p Lorenzo would be happy to make some fabulous outfits for him. :p

    Aaand you've already gotten the link to Recolor.me. :p

    After making an account, I think you can already go to the "What if I had all of the items" button and you can make your character there.

    Don't worry, I was a victim of this too.
    If you had only joined the previous one all those years ago. It would be the FC all over again. xD Now, I don't think I can use the OC of myself. It just feels weird. :/

    I dislike making SUs tbh. That's why I reuse characters so much.

    Not too mention how many legends there are in the first place. This was a problem in the previous ones too. Way too many character to keep track of.

    Two Ghost people is plenty. :p

    It's the dead parents, he's the CEO of his own company, and the fact that said dead parents motivate him to take on vigilantism, among other things that just scream Batman.

    I can't wait to see him, because so far, I ship Lorenzo with every boy in this RP. :p

    When I took Philosophy, we mostly learned about Philosophers and such. I was not enlightened at the end of the course. xD We did get to watch The Matrix though. I hate Math, but you should know this by now.

    It is if no one talks about his middle name. :p

    Now get to posting mister. :p
    I would say I called it, but Drew Boyden is pretty much the OC of yourself in name only. :p For Xerneas sake, the man doesn't have a Rotom. And your other character is pretty much Batman/Iron Man.

    So, how's your Legendary Awakening character coming? Lorenzo is all done, and I have a Kyurem based character of my own. The pun is more subtle than Shandy Lure was. xD
    That would be hilarious tbh. :p

    I miss the script form RP's sometimes. They were easier.

    PL would be a nightmare to GM now with so many legends available, not even counting Ultra Beasts. xD

    Besides Veronica and Silas, who's the third? I thought Kamotz made a mistake mentioning Rhuna had Ghost type affinities.
    Fabulous Kalosian Movie Star that specializes in Fairy types. Here's the most recent Pokemon related version of him The personality requirements are what's stopping me. He may be able to work with the other three, but like hell I'm gonna let him be called weak. >_> André is a strong fairy!

    I'll let you know if I recognize him or her when I see the finished project. xD Sadly, the FC is deadder than a corpse now.

    I can't believe you still have those files. Funnily enough, Hydrangea sent me a PM a while back about wanting to redo Project Legends...

    Is it the fact your another Ghost type specialist that's the problem? I will laugh if this character turns out to be the OC of yourself. I used the OC of myself in the last version of the Ultimates, and honestly regret it. Admittedly, you can probably do a better job of it than I did. I was a Serebii newbie at that time.
    Gods, I really wish I could use André in that Legendary Awakening RP. :(

    You would have loved him. xD Oh, well. I've had the idea for Lorenzo for a while, and this gives me an excuse to flesh him out.

    Also, The Ultimates started. FYI. :P
    Woo-hoo! We both got accepted into The Ultimates. I was worried I wouldn't be tbh.

    Now, I just need Schade to finish Veronica's "brother"

    Edit: Now he needs to get accepted.
    Meanwhile, I've been here for six years. Can you believe it? xD Time flies!

    And now I'm too excited and can't sleep.
    Probably didn't want to damage the dex.

    Welcome back to the RP section. Enjoy your stay.

    Are you sure you can handle multiple characters?

    It is. :3 I had been wanting to find a place for her again for a while. She is also technically the only Shadow Tag Chandelure in existence. xD
    Now if only it would come out of the Pokedex and be helpful in a Pokemon batle once in a while.

    Yes, yes you do. :p I hope you are able to join. It would be nice to RP with you again.
    I was playing Sun, and the Rotom Pokedex made me think of you. Shame you aren't active anymore.

    And then I see your avatar... You changed it. Which means you were on.
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