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  • Good news, you got reserved! Who's this character you have an in mind? Anyone I would know?

    Also, that RP I told you about may be starting soon. :) /ominous.
    It'll be in your inbox when it's ready. :3

    We should exchange Friend Codes. Mine is in my signature.
    Hey Rotom, I'm working on an RP with a friend of mine on here. Would you be able to join? :3

    If you are, I'll PM you the draft once we finish. xD
    An evil fairy. xD The only real thing that makes Fairy!Munna make sense is the fact that Moonblast is one of the new Fairy type attacks revealed...

    Those Jigglypuffs were always vicious. xD Look at PMD. xD

    Butterfree was alright. I used it one of my Kanto Playthroughs. It was after Dustox/Beautifly that they got bad... Of course, it's better now that Butterfree has Quiver Dance, Tinted Lens, and Sleep Powder. It would be pretty good if it at least gets Quiver Dance.
    But the number one thing I like best about this generation is

    And it would be even better if the Musharna evolution line turns out to be Fairy typed. 8D X and Y come out two days after my birthday. If that happens it would be the best birthday present ever. <3

    Rumor has it that Fairy is also supposed to be Super Effective on Dark as well, which means Hydreigon is 4x weak to Jigglypuff if it's true. xD

    The CoroCoro batch has a Fire Lion and a Flower Fairy that I like so far, as well as Vivillon's prevolutions which are still adorable. I doubt I'll get one though. This screams starter bug to me, and they tend to be bad. :/ I tend to have a preference for cute Pokemon, so those are usually what stand out. xD

    I still stick to the Bug and Ice skin.
    It's not dead, just in a coma on life support. xD

    I loved the Fairy type since the rumors of it started. I love the idea of cutesy Fairies beating up giant monstrous Dragons. xD I think Vivillon is my favorite of the butterfly Pokemon. I also like Fennekin, Sylveon, Helioptile, Panchum, and this Fire lion that was introduced. For some reason, I'm also glad that PokeFrance is now canon. xD (Well, it was canon since Fantina exists, but now it has a name.)
    Same old routine with me. Working, RPing, etc..

    Not much happening here. I mostly frequent the RPG section, and it's been a bit quiet lately. :/ I started going to another forum.

    Somewhere along the way, I became a Brony. xD
    Hey there! Sorry to bother. I know you've been on-and-off in Fizzy Bubbles, but it's worth a shot. I don't suppose you'd consider trading your Yanma? It was my very first hatch, that I traded to King Ghidorah and he to you. Now with no PC restriction I kinda miss the little guy... But it's understandable if you're not interested, of course! Cheers ^^
    I hope you've gotten the new PMD game, if not, SPOILER ALERT

    I thought of you as soon as I saw that, and VMed you. xD
    And now a new term begins, and you leave yet again. You did leave, Rotom... No one even knew what had happened to you...

    Also, as a heads up, PRR is now back up and your reffing abilities have been retained.

    You're back? You appeared in my actyivity section, so you must at least be checking here.

    Just stopping by to say, "Hello, Rotom".

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