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  • *fanfare*

    Well, to be fair, he is terrifying...

    I'll have to check it out then. Thanks for letting me know.
    You're too kind.
    Tomorrow. Right now, I have a monstrous headache. blehh
    I certainly intend to, though admittedly I have been struggling with quite a bit of stuff irl, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to it.

    Villager terrifies me.
    I'm not admitting defeat. I'm just giving it some time. Roast when it's matured, that's the way I cook my tomatoes, and will be the way I write my things.
    Yeah I haven't used that team in a while and halfway through the battle I realized why lol. I have a bunch of other teams I'll have to battle you with.
    Truth be told, I haven't worked on that in a month. It's not that I forgot about it- I haven't forgotten- I've just been more busy with other things. I'll post in the thread later on. Glad you love the banner for 404 Error, though! What do you think of the sprites for Orange and Violet?
    Oh no, not at all:p I'll describe them either by name or even further^^ But I sometimes sum up their Pokémon and adding a pic looks nicer than 'Dustox, nickname, level 16', that's all:p
    Psst. Use of the F-word doesn't always net an R-rating, especially if it's just used once. (Usually, it's multiple instances of the word that nets it, but even then, the MPAA's been very consistent. In terms of fic, that tends to be seen as pretty mild unless your character swears in every other paragraph.)
    How to make spoilers (since you asked on a thread):


    End result:

    You have to add in the part after the equal sign; otherwise, it doesn't work for some reason. (Or it didn't the last time I tried that.)
    I went ahead and posted the chapter. I sent it to you yesterday morning, and you were online several times since then. So, I'm certain you saw it.

    I had to post it before tonight, otherwise I wouldn't be able to for a while. I'm sorry if this seems rash, but it's been more then a day and my other beta reader has already gave me his reply.
    This is good as always.
    However you need to make this a little moreflent.
    It's hard to read with the abrupt changes.
    I've been thinking this over, and while I know that it would be helpful, I am unsure of how to approach it. Anything you had in mind specifically?
    I see, well that sucks that they were taken down, but maybe you just need some more practice writing. Eventually things like chapter length and description will come to you naturally. It took me a while before I got the hang of writing, and I'm still not down on the grammar (as you well know).
    Oh yeah, would you like to be added to my PM list? You have asked to be on it before I had one, so would you still like to be on it?
    I'm funny now? Honestly, never been told that before... Glad to bring you some humor anyways.

    I look forward to ruining your day by making the author make cliff hangers XD.
    Thank you for including my fic in your sig. You have no idea what it means to a new author, like myself, for my work to be good enough for you to want to advertise it to others. Thank you.
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