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  • I've been thinking about that and I'm struggling for ideas. Considering that your character has just reached the farm, maybe he and Christine could talk a bit about the ghosts? It would be a perfect opportunity for Christine to use her ability to see the dead, maybe that could be an ice breaker for them? Idk I'm just throwing ideas out there.
    Ooooooh! I was wondering if anybody would pick up Hades in the Mythos RP! Perhaps a friendship could start between him and Christine considering that she's a descendant of Persephone, Hades's wife?
    Sure, the spells are a unique highlight of the RP, but you're definitely still able to use Pokemon moves and attacks as well as conventional weaponry. You can only use one of those spells per post, so after you've used it up or if you want to use it later but still make attacks, that's where attacking with a Pokemon move or a weapon would come in.

    There's no special post restriction either, your posts can be as long as you'd like, or they can be a quick, two-paragraph thing (I wouldn't go too small as that might start breaking Serebii's RP rules).

    Hopefully that clears it up, but if you've got more questions, feel free to ask.
    It says that they've been essentially "forgotten" about. So yeah, summoning magic is essentially a scarce and often-unseen magic skill. That said, it's based on the mind, so those few that do know how to use it can essentially summon anything they can conceptualize. Summoning a "mythical" creature would be much harder because...well...you would never have seen it before. You don't really understand how it looks, sounds, smells, feels, etc. Summoning is art: it takes a very creative mind.
    I was considering having Harden as one of her later developed abilities since she already has Protect and both of the moves essentially work the same. Yep, that's what I was going for, but it sounds a bit weird saying she manifests Bug energy so I just went with her "own" energy.
    Haha that is very true. Most Bug moves aren't really all that effective, or couldn't be applied to a human character. Ice also has the same problem since most of the moves are the same. I just threw Supersonic and Protect in there because I've battled against Bug types with those move so... :S
    I'm trying to keep the feel of it (by using things such as acquiring new partners, fusion, the Death Clock, etc, while at the same time trying to make it accessible to people who don't know much, if anything about the series. I believe you were in a Persona RP correct? If so, then you should have an idea of how the magic and such works, its more or less the same. I'm attempting to make it somewhat realistic as to how the abilities and such are used, while the magic is purely elemental.

    But rest assured, you're not the only newcomer. I'll do my best to thoroughly explain anything you guys need or want to know.
    "If you fail to dodge, quickly use Iron Defense before it hits"
    that implies to do it instead so I counted it like that
    HEY! Ever thought about joining Pokemon Royal Rumble? You should check it out!

    If you join please be sure to check out the rules!
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