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  1. roule

    Light Through the Blinds

    4. INTERLUDE: CLOSE ENOUGH, TOO FAR It’s October 31st, 2013, and Milou Vandenbroucke is having a very bad night. Everything just seemed to go wrong. Her costume wasn’t ready in time, so she had to go to class in a half-made, shitty costume that made people stare at her. Milou hates when...
  2. roule

    Light Through the Blinds

    3. I AM A SINNER WHO WILL SIN AGAIN The last few hours have been a blur of both jittery excitement and sheer overwhelming terror for Michael, both mingling into a sickening sensation in the middle of his chest. It churns like a storm barreling forth, threatening to turn everything upside down...
  3. roule

    Light Through the Blinds

    2. The Taste of Fear, The Feeling of Red "What?" Yunseo asks, pushing past the artist, who is standing perfectly still. "What's wrong, Milou?" She watches from the corner of her eyes as Yunseo looks at the date, and his face goes pale as the realization hits him. Shaking his head, he steps...
  4. roule

    Light Through the Blinds

    new semester, new me, new fic. i started writing this recently between assignments, and havent been able to stop. please help me. hopefully with this i'll be back to regular writing in the fandom again lol 1. Dead leaves in the breeze Milou wakes up in a comforting warmth, with the...
  5. roule

    Betting on Losing Horses

    reboot of "Suburbia" bc i have a reboot problem warnings for blood, injury, and mentions of mass death 1. Lord Forgive Me / Things That I Don't Understand The forest was silent, almost dead in the California heat. The temperature is stifling, crushing, eating away at anyone who stands...
  6. roule

    snowstorm on the yellow sea (V.2)

    ngl its been a long one. im being worked to the bone in college. please forgive the gap CHAPTER 3 WASTE After the initial shock of “oh my god, I’m in North Korea” wears off, I find myself sitting at the edge of the forest floor, just staring at the skyline of Pyongyang with wide eyes. My...
  7. roule

    Writing Resolutions

    try to write pokemon fanfiction again lol
  8. roule

    Against The Current

    2. ?/?/? "COME HOME, YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING TOO LONG." She was back at their old "gaming house" in Korea, sitting at the fancy computer designated as hers, a black, sleek thing with glowing red LED accents across the PC sitting near her bare knees. Roi doesn't bother wearing her jersey or...
  9. roule

    new fic new me

    new fic new me
  10. roule

    Against The Current

    so it's been, what? eight months since i've written something for here??? to be fair i've been having a pretty shitty time in terms of life lol. ive been suffering through a college i hate, with people who mostly hang with me bc im there, but that's neither here nor there. the good thing is bc...
  11. roule

    Romantic Subplot: Why ARE they still here?

    Romance subplots all really depend on how the author handles them. If one is written well, it should draw the reader in, and have them actually care and root for the characters. They should offer levity in harsh situations, and should be handled with care. People viewing them as little more...
  12. roule

    Official News Thread - Misc To Replace CNN

    The famed director, animator, and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, Isao Takahata, has died at 82. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/apr/5/isao-takahata-dies-82/ His works inspired me to become an animator. May he rest in peace.
  13. roule

    All Mon are Brothers (DISCONTINUED)

    Hey folks, just a quick update on the fic. After a few months to think, I will not be continuing All Mon Are Brothers in any form. This is due to a multitude of reasons, including personal issues, struggles with the setting and characters, the fact that it was probably one of my weakest fics...
  14. roule

    What Pen Do You Use?

    I use Kuretake Brush Pens for art.
  15. roule

    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Last night, I made the decision that every pet owner fears, and I had to put my dog down. We thought he had pancreatitis at first, and it turned out to be a form of cancer that had already reached his lungs. I miss him dearly.