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While I might seem (and be) lazy some times, especially with putting off writing this biography for almost 3 years, I am not a lazy person (generally speaking). I enjoy helping people, and I'm approachable when you're looking for help. All I ask is that you send me a private message when asking for help with something as I am more likely to notice it and I would like to have visitor messages limited to friends and forum staff. While I'm on the topic of limiting things to friends, while my 3ds Friend Code is posted, I only add people I am friends with (and do not abuse the friend safari), so just be aware of that when you're adding me. However, that is not the case with my Nintendo Network ID. You can follow me on Miiverse if you want, but again, I will only follow people I am friends with.

As far as my personal stuff, I am pretty intelligent, and even though I am good with most subjects, I prefer math and science. I am particularly interested in physics, and I am planning on studying that in school once I transfer out of community college. I am also an Eagle Scout as of the fall of 2012 (and I love the outdoors even if I have not been able to get out camping as much as I would like since leaving the scouting program). If you have any personal questions, send me a private message. I'm not sure if I'll be willing to answer them, but there are still some things I would like to not be public.

Pokémon (including Competitive Battling and Shiny Hunting), Graphic Design, Web Design
September 6
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College Student



Latest Shiny: Gible (MMing on Y - After 1637 Eggs!)​