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  • Yeah, I'm not that extreme, but I'd much rather have it female if I'm going to MM for a Gardevoir. Hopefully my games can redeem my luck enough to give me that.
    Nah, the thing is that I want it to be female. This is one of the cases where I'll keep hunting if it's not the gender I want.
    Yeah, a lot of my recent MM hunts have been less than 500 eggs recently outside of Spinda. I'm going for a female one, though, since I want it for a Timid Gardevoir. Male would be cool if I wanted Gallade, but Timid is awful for Gallade. Hopefully my game will be generous with that after my recent experiences with shinies.
    Oh, I see. So this one is different enough.

    I'm not too worried about going 1000+ eggs for a Ralts, seeing as I was okay with Spinda taking that long. But after 3000 eggs for my Torchic, I'll definitely be okay with 1000 eggs. Then again, I've had amazing luck with MM lately outside of Spinda.
    Oh, cool. That's a duplicate for you, isn't it? Meanwhile I've finally started collecting Ralts eggs.
    Sorry, I'm pretty busy at the moment, and it looks like it's going to be unexpectedly more busy for a bit.
    I'm going to pass today, I have stuff that needs to be done today and I want to focus on that.
    Thanks, Rovert! Yeah, I really need to do that because it takes me an hour or so to post up one post! I mean, once I finished writing and uploading the pics and everything ... it can get quite tedious. But I feel like I need to share my excitement with someone.

    I saw the nature of this Piloswine and looked at the stats and thought, "Hmm, looks good to me." What a pain she is, though. I've already hunted since, and the amount of Metang that pops up is astounding. So, I don't get why this swine is shining so much. I'd have five battles with Metang and then the next pig that appears is the one that shines. Weird.

    I hope my message was okay, by the way.
    Hm, well I got out of bed not too long ago and I have class I have to get ready for. I'm actually not going to be around all that much today because of school stuff.
    Sorry, I had stuff to deal with elsewhere, and I've got homework I need to focus on at the moment.
    What the?! I just read your post! What amazing luck that was. It's a shame about the other two, and you do tend to get into a pattern when you SR, but do try to slow down in the future! :p Congrats on the Cyndaquil!

    It's pretty funny that the same one shone three times for you. It sounds like it really wanted you as its trainer.
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