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  • About being busy? Is SA being a headache for you? Hang in there.

    That's cool. I wouldn't forget you, though, but I'm glad you added me. I do feel really bad about not keeping in contact, though, but I guess that as bad as it sounds, I've been focused on other stuff, like my job and working out where I want to go next in life, and when I do get home and relax I don't feel like I have much energy to form a post! It's a pretty lame excuse, I know.

    Aqua said he wanted to hear about my shiny captures, so I might start working on a post to update everyone who wants to know.
    Hi there, you!

    Sorry, but I've been really busy working and stuff like that and haven't had much time (or felt like putting in the effort!) to post.

    Thanks for the friend request.
    Yeah, I always leave at exactly that time for my morning classes MWF, so of course I don't see it until now. :p
    Oh, whoops. Yeah, didn't notice it right away, but you can tell that by now. Sorry about that.
    Hey Rovert thx for all o your help also I'm going OK with shiny hunting.Also how are you doing becoming a teacher.
    Yeah, hopefully they do have some way to change all that. If they're going to have a fleshed out customization feature, they may as well let you customize hair/eye color too. If anything, the hair is more noticeable than the eyes, so brown hair matters more to me. But still. :p
    Alright then. Yeah, my problem was that I want the blue eyes like I have, but not the blonde hair at all. so unless someone says more about that, I'll probably go with the basic brown hair/eyes. PBR got all that, so it's probably a safer guess, but there's nothing wrong with brown eyes.
    So I realized there actually is one more thing I want to know, though I don't know what is known about it. But for character customization, can hair color and eye color be customized? like Animal Crossing
    Awesome, i also grind alot. Yea that canalave battle with Barry, I remember it came outta nowhere. I have pokerus now thanks to someone here in the 4th gen trade forums. I'd be more than willing to give you a random mon with it if you want to ev train b4 the e4, let me know!
    Hey Rovert. Hows your playthrough's going? Im on my diamond version (my only version on ds lite) and am almost on victory road. Current team is Rapidash/ Torterra/ Floatzel/ Luxray/ Noctowl/ and Medicham. In addition to checking up on how your doing, I would like to take advantage of this post and see if you have any legit pokerus. The reason for this is because I would like to start eving the pokemon I caught with randomly good natures, for ex, my adamant Gible. Please let me know if you have any spare pokerus, if you dont respond i will assume you do not have any but anyway stay in touch and stay safe dude!
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