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  • Looks like we have a clue to what it is about! Im acting like such a little boy right now filled with excitement!
    I wonder if sun and moon will stick or what will happen!
    I am doing great :)
    Just getting off work (which is where I spend most time on serebii.... oops)
    I am pretty pumped for this weekend and the news! I am getting more hyped as I forget about it and then I remember :p

    Thank-you for accepting :D
    Jumpluff is a cutie so I couldn't not friend you and that zapdos being boombursted away comment made me laugh,
    hope you dont mind that I added you :)
    There are Iris lovers and haters.There are Misty lovers and haters.Everybody has a different opinion and choice.Nothing new.
    No.Iris is my favorite pokegirl :) What about you?
    Misty was just a cardboard peice in the background.she literally did nothing :( She isn't tomboyish.She is a girly brat!
    But I won't have Pikachu during the E4/Champion. Flareon isn't fit to fight against Lorelei, Bruno and Lance, while Jolteon is very effective against Lorelei, has Pin Missile for Agatha's Poison-types (if Kadabra fails) and is neutral or super-effective against Lance. Flareon is also pretty much useless against Blaine and Giovanni (though I probably don't have to worry about those two with the Water/Grass-overkill). Grass-types I can handle with Kadabra's Psychic, since most of them are dual Poison-type, the only exception being Exeggutor and Parasect (which are 4x weak to Bug, aka Pin Missile even though it's a weak move, x4 is pretty much a selling point).

    Still, my heart is saying Flareon, while the game effectively is telling me Jolteon. This team is just crazy offbalanced, but there's not much I can do about it. Not to mention that Vileplume and Tangela don't differ much outside of Vileplume being 4x weak to Bug and Tangela only being 2x and not having the Psychic weakness. And Kingler's got a killer Attack-stat but no STAB or anything to use outside of Strengt and Hyperbeam.. -.-
    I need a bit of teambuilding help..

    I'm playing Yellow, and I'm doing a random-challenge. The team I got forced upon me is: Blastoise, Kingler, Tangela, Vileplume, Kadabra and Eevee.

    But I have no clue as to what I should evolve the Eevee into.. Obviously not Vaporeon, but I'm torn on either Flareon and Jolteon. As it's Yellow, I'm also using Pikachu until I pretty much have the full team. So doubling up on Electric-types until I catch Tangela seems weird. I need help to make this choice...
    No i dont.I found BW and XY to be lackluster and boring,stopped watching after ten or so episodes.I also don't like the way Team rocket is written in both these series.
    Absolutely right.Thats what I also feel.Rocketshipping was canon in the Manga.But the anime is loosely based on manga.So I am not sure if Rocketshipping will be a canon.So you watch XY right?
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