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    Off-topic IS spam, as stated in rule #3. It is spam if you're posting in a Pokemon topic and the only thing you're saying in a post is an unrelated message to someone specifically. You stated nothing on-topic in your post, which makes it spam, which makes it unneeded within the topic. Just go straight to a VM message next time.
    How was it SPAM? It was only a little (needed) off-topic, not a SPAM. Are you saying that I can't correct you whenever you are being way too arrogant (no offense) but you can call those warnings stupid and annoying? Thanks so much, I was just trying to help you but I guess I will no longer care about it than...
    It's spam because:

    It was only a little (needed) off-topic
    It wasn't needed; no off-topic posts are "needed." When you feel the urge to call someone out on being rude, you should do it in VM. I know you haven't been here long, so I'm just telling you. It's best to not derail a thread just because you have a bone to pick with someone, because that IS spamming, as defined by the forum's rules.

    To continue on:

    -(Not sure why you wouldn't mean offense by calling me arrogant, buuuut ok)
    -What are you referring to when you say, "warnings?" I never warned anyone, and nobody ever warned me. :S
    -I understand that you just wanted me to stop being aggressive and rude. I totally get it. Thank you for calling me out. I just wish you hadn't done it publicly, because then everyone else felt like they could, too, and the thread was derailed from an expanded Pokedex discussion to "let's attack Grei about his posts." That all could have been avoided if it had just been done over VM.
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