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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • you want to do spriting gimp should work fine as well as photoshop works alright too ;) the only difference with those two is gimp is free for download on the internet where photoshop you have to pay money at a store for it or pay money for it online which it is pretty expensive.
    yep ^_^ and thanks you have a good night though roy sleep tight ;) as well as love your profile pic btw :p
    tef saves the day XD anyway glad your getting back to it which its a marvelous game btw and yeah I noticed PD does close alot which I am sure you guys will pick up :3 I believe in you all :3 I am doing alright just trying to get our tef league frontier set up atm the league is going alright so far just we need more active leaders and challengers.
    good luck roy on beating bd I beat it a few months ago finally I did put it off what garnet said LOL but it is worth the ending though like you said I agree :3 I like it and can't wait for the sequel as well as I am proud my guild is named after it ^_^
    you are worst youkai. you are the youkai idiot you are the youkai smell. return to mayohiga. to our luna cousins, you may come our boundary... you may live in the zoo....ahahahaha ,youkai mountain we will never forgeve you. fairynik **** but **** ******* youkai stink mayohiga sqhipere shqipare..youkai extermination best day of my life. take a bath of dead youkai..ahahaMAYOHIGA WE WILL GET YOU!!
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