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Oct 15, 1988 (Age: 34)
IT Tecnician


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Hacking Disclaimer:
I'm not responsible for getting a hacked 6/6 Pokémon from a trade. If I get one and I breed Pokémon from it and get a bred 6/6 IV Pokémon, as far as I'm concerned that bred 6/6 IV Pokémon is a legitimate Pokémon for the game despite that it may have been bred from a hacked Pokémon/Ditto. It's not my concern or responsibility to make sure people aren't trading me hacked Pokémon or to try to control others that are hacking. That being said, if I get traded something that is impossible to have and is obviously hacked, I will release it immediately. I don't hack or condone hacking, but please use common sense when accusing others of having a hacked mon or hacking. Beyond this disclaimer I will Thanos anyone who accuses me of hacking because I know how to breed 6/6 IV Pokémon.
*~Thanos'd Definition: To be blocked by someone in such a manner that it were as if the blocked target never existed in the first place in the mind of the person doing the blocking. ~