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  • Are you Aveil?

    Oh did you do your lc this year?

    My id thing is sitexperience, add me so we can race sometime.
    Yeah, tbf I only stick around to occasionally post in the pop music thread since it's the only thing I'm kinda bothered about (even if it is as dead as Madonna)

    Oww, are you active anywhere else?
    Let's not beat around here, by "You people" you're obviously referring to me, so maybe I don't post here often since I dislike being called out for my opinion, like I am now. Kira was right, this place is worse than ATRL.
    Gworl what kind of meltdown?!!?!
    Idk. I think it's too early to claim that her album is flopping; the new singles may change that. Anyway, what's this I hear about Bayonse lip-syncing?
    It's nice to see someone who stans for Queen Gwen. Some of the girls today could learn a few things from her. I didn't see Princess Ke$ha on your list though. I mean you have listened to the iconic Warrior, right?
    Sis, I know you didn't just shade most of Nicki's discography. Nicki's songs are international; Beyonce's are local.

    But let us move on to another topic of conversation before my blood pressure rises any further. Who else do you listen to besides Missy and Bey?
    Um, I asked for her latest hit not her latest flop. I'm still waiting to see her "legendary" performance at the Superbowl. Like, is it ever going to happen or was it just a myth?
    Why compare album sales when they're virtually tied? I just want to know what Bayonse's last hit was.
    You've mistaken Nicki for Lil' Kim. And if Bayonse is better than Nicki, why haven't I heard any of her songs on the radio? I'm looking around for her hits but I can't find any. Where could they be?

    How cute of you to think she's the greatest hip-hop artist. But I think we both know who that title truly belongs to.

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