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  • Not much. Just browsing the forums.

    Yes, I do know who you are. You can learn a lot by stalking profiles. xD
    yeah, I guess the real reason why people like Pokemon is because of the games XD
    I got into Pokemon by the games first, then I heard of the shippings and that stuff.
    I just hate advanceshipping
    sorry for replying real late, I had to go to Wal-Mart with my mom (and I brought my White game with me, and I turned the volume on my DS to the max because I was fighting Cheren and there's always cool music, and everyone who passed by kept staring at me lol)
    are you into shipping stuff?
    what's up?
    I can't look at my buddy JS's profile pic anymore cuz it makes me wanna hurl >.< it's an advanceshipping picture . . . ugh
    Hey, just so you know, Fig and Rai have apologized about what they've done if that means anything. Ken is being a douche and is still arguing with them.

    Just to let you know.
    Yes, obviously. I like posing as Rawr on different Forums, cuz it makes me feel as cool as him.
    you don't really hafta remember it when it's a huge tutorial on your wall lol
    I don't really get why people pay, like, 300 for photoshop when you can just get gimp, which is free
    layers are actually pretty easy to understand. all you need is a good tutorial off of dA, like this one:

    i used to use gimp (last year, exactly XD)
    now I use paint.NET, and then I just got back into gimp
    messing with layers is awesome!!!! XD
    oh, I'm sure you'll like these forums! ^_^
    we've got stuff that some other forums don't have, like . . . FAN ART SHOPS!!!!!!!
    where all the graphics you imagine come to life! . . . okay, fine, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it's basically true XD
    plus, we also have Leagues and Clans if you're a battler
    I saw your thread and just wanted to say 'Hi!' ^_^
    welcome to SPPf!
    so what's up with you today?
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