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  • dead at that lessor ho ciccone pretending that it chooses not to post in the thread; the good sis kira was banned from posting there

    sorry, thought i'd stalk :> and be pressed or whatever
    Ash should fight SUPER STRONG people and sweep ALL of them because he is just that great.

    I kind of ignored that because he punched a grunt which was pretty amazing. His team was ridiculous though, I'll never understand the love affair Gamefreak have with those darn monkeys.
    Probably getting it for Christmas. The... what are they called? "thing stickers"? look kind of annoying but it seems pretty fun. The amount of hipster shade there seems to be is glorious.

    I'm so deprived of Nekci now it's not even funny :[
    Ohohoho. It's weird because when someone likes him, they REALLY like him. One guy even complained about seeing people other than ash in the league 8|
    Yeah, but my mam joins in.

    I liked BW, they were different. BW2's story is kind of a let down tbqh. LOOK, IT'S TEAM PLASMA. DOING NOTHING. ...GET THEM.
    I'll just wait until the price (hopefully) drops and some better games come out.

    "there are no ghosts he- o i tell a lie"
    No one who posts in the pop thread has ever been here for Bayonse unfortunately. Everyone paid her dust when 4 was released even though it was a good album. That's just the way things are, but maybe things will change after her Superbowl performance.

    I'm just happy that Nicki continues to slay the lessor pop bitches. I love watching the other fanbases seethe.
    The Flop Music thread has gone downhill to be honest. That's why I no longer post there. I don't even understand why people would come to a Pokemon forum to discuss that stuff to be honest. But I can't actually say that to those pop flops since they'd probably report me or something. I'm always trying to show people the light, but I'm always hurt in return. Life is cruel.
    I think it's just the Ash stans pissed that his Pokemon didn't appear. Really don't get why some people love him so much \o/
    That really was... something. Also the fact that Ash was fingering her underneath the table and May's mother didn't even care. The guy who kept saying how horny he was because of it was creepy af. And then *****ing at people who said he was a freak?

    From what I've seen the story looks kind of sucky compared to BW1, but I like the region better now, and all the post-game stuff.
    I love Scribblenauts, it's totally addictive. Apparently they 3DS version lacks like, everything, so best be saving up for a Wii U B|

    You poor thing :((( Vagetorien was hilarious, loving Lol Kem being buried next to her career.
    Apparently Ash's Buizel and Corphish are the only two of their kind ever allowed to show up? I thought it was just Cyber trolling, but then people actually like, agreed with him.
    Being deprived of information just leads to all sorts of random stuff being vomited all over the forum. Pre-release is awful. That was totally mind boggling. The worst was the people who actually enjoyed it and gave really constructive criticism. Plus the fact that Cyber clearly had no idea about the human body at all.

    Nah. Haven't got that much time for playing so I'm just going to wait for Christmas.
    Scribblenauts Unlimited should be a blast, but I'm not sure what features the 3DS version lacks yet.

    I was sort of afraid that it was going downhill, but yeah, totally amazing.
    Medoner as a whole was great, loving her disguised as Rhenna.
    Older ones tend to take things more seriously and the kids just can't understand why someone is writing a wall of text about an animated frog and then things just get messy. Younger ones just can't over analyse the same way. I was just like lost for words when I read about it. The "LOGOS = HOENN" thing was as bad.
    Um are you being sarcastic? Anime is v important obvs.

    I loved that episode it was hilarious. "Home planet borbados" killed me. Oh Christ you're worse than me. Season 2 will absolutely send you over the edge :9
    Ahem: "keep telling yourself that honey~~"

    Even without the stupid comments by younger people, the obsessive older members are pretty bad. The sort who just go cray cray over every little detail. Like what, why does the Floaroma Gate matter again?
    I've stanned for Samurott from the start and even I've given up on it. "Don't argue with me, I'm a marketing major" was my favourite argument so far.

    I was CTRL+Fing for Nicki but got confused when Nekci brought up no results.

    Next thing I'll be calling people flops and saying things "slayed". 8\
    Dawn stan~~~

    Well I guess this fandom can complain about anything even if it is something as trivial as that.
    BW is more fun and faster paced but the abysmal Pokemon treatment turned me off. That and Scraggy and Sewaddle's captures opened the floodgates of ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN NOW~

    I actually can't stop calling her Adole now irl, no lie. I kept saying Brinty while watching X Factor too >:V
    Well at least there was variety. She had small and sort of cute things but they were different. Dawn had four small, cute Pokemon and then Togekiss and Mamoswine. May's were cute, but they at least weren'y mostly rodents.

    I don't even see how that's nostalgia. Nobody's going to be pissed because gasp, I can level now but I couldn't before!!!! I do too, but it was fun so I played it all along anyway.
    I guess. I don't even know why I still post there, like, half the forum is on my ignore list :/ She still stirs reactions and her absolutely ridiculous posts can be sort of amusing sometimes because you can see how much people are going to be pissed off.

    I loled at "no adole ur 2 hevy". I hope there's a new episode of Bayonse's thing soon.
    Well at least her team had some sort of diversity compared to Dawn and her bundle of cute Pokemon (...and Mamoswine). Harley was amazing and Drew had personalities. Her contests sucked, but at least her rivals weren't boring as hell like Zoey and Kenny.

    Ughhh I hate that. I don't even get why the wild Pokemon have such low levels, it's retarded. Johto levels smh. It'd pay off in the end though, and I guess you can just buy rare candies in the Pokeathlon to get them up a couple of levels.

    He's not good there any more but like the entire anime forum stills falls for his trolling.

    Nah, I never expected to see much of Pert of me, I just thought the whole thing felt sort of all over the place. It was still good, just not as good as the others.

    I'm pretty sure Buneary swooned for Pikachu, so that's more than Togekiss.
    I liked Dawn better than May but May's team and rivals were so much better. Mamoswine is the saving grace for Dawn (Togekiss would be too if it, y'know, did something).

    I liked to get one Pokemon late-ish because it keeps things fresh, so I was never really bothered. Well at least Growlithe gets Outrage now. My Arcanine is long past Growlithe, anyway B|
    Do you like, buy everything for yourself or what? Because I at least get some stuff for Christmas even if I have to buy the rest. As in, the same people, or dead like it?

    No, pretty sure I do, unless urban dictionary has some definition I haven't seen yet :n

    Episode 10 was so disappointing. "The voice you obvs stole from a boby" made me die, but it felt so thrown together. I hope season two steps it up~
    Dawn's Togekiss was a flop. It should have come a lot earlier for it to actually mean something. And like, all of Dawn's Pokemon scarcely appeared in her return :<

    Ok even I wasn't that bad lmao. Although I did have my brother to help me out.
    Most of them are pretty sweet. Swinub and Sneasel are the best by far, though~ Arcanine is a beast, I love it. Have one on my Diamond team. I always wanted to use a Dragonite :l
    I'm just going to get BW2 for Christmas instead and save my money. It's good! It's sort of cheesy but it's actually such a game. I'm totes addicted to online.

    In the pop thread or. I think Kira is the only one who does that, but most of the people there are pretty easily riled. It's like a baby atrl.
    And gets like, a usable moveset and good stats. Although I guess looks wise that's all that happens :U

    I'm pretty sure my Sceptile had Solarbeam, Leaf Blade, Cut and Slam for the longest. Good times.
    Ice Fang has awful base power so I'm not surprised. idek how Blizzard managed to do that much damage, but I won't complain.
    Machamp is a freak, it's ugly as hell. What's your team anyway?
    Luigi's Mansion never really appealed to me. Nah, didn't bother. It's too similar to all the other ones and they weren't the best either. Plus I got Kid Icarus which is the best thing so.

    I loved when Adole thought she was Kylie too.
    I know! :( I hope season 2 arrives quickly.
    Togekiss is great take that back. I finally evolved Togetic. So glad it finally has a usable move set.

    Hahaha, that sounds hilarious. I don't think I did anything particularly stupid, but I remember being stuck against Wattson for ages. I also had a horrible perception of what made a good moveset, but I guess everybody had that at some age.
    Beat them~ I went in with level 42s, and did all right. Houndoom and Dragonite like, destroyed me, but Quagsire pulled through in the end. Who knew the little bugger would be so strong.
    Yeah that's why I liked Wild World better. Just didn't have the time to fire up the Wii to keep up my town.

    Can't wait for Pert of Me~ Did you see the blopper show? Thought it would be ****, but it was pretty hilarious in the end.
    I played that retarded game for ages and got like 500 coins, and then saw that everything costs like 10,000. Blizzard will do~ And I really need to evolve Togetic, it flops so badly.

    We're twinsies, Sapphire was my first game too. Game Freak love money, they'd be idiots not to remake it. The only question is will they wait to have it on the 3DS in Gen VI, or make them now.
    Good luck~ Picked it up again yesterday but I got bored grinding and went to the Pokeathlon :v
    I KNOW but I just haven't touched it in yonks. And what the hell, that sloth thing looks so creepy.

    Doubt it. She never does much, she's just there to insult people most of the time. Latest episode was great, Kety was hilarious at the end but I missed Adole not being there. The Simon Cowell part was great too. lmao @ Kelly in the basement.
    Look, I don't want to give you the wrong impression about me, I wasn't trying to be a dick in the MK thread, I've just had alot of stuff going on lately thats been affecting me.

    Meh, while I'm here I'll make smalltalk, You excited for B/W2?
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