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  • Well at least that's something. All I have is Blizzard off of a crappy base 65 Special Attack. Ice Fang ain't that bad, Feraligatr has good Attack.

    Or...? RS remakes are going to happen eventually anyway, regardless of sprites or no sprites. I can't stand HGSS because the level imbalance and the grinding and the slow battles ;(
    Um, no. I haven't played Animal Crossing in yonks. :/

    Or sent to jail or something. Maybe.

    (totes Bayonse~~)
    I'LL DO IT EVENTUALLY. You probably won't evolve it before the Elite Four, but at least you have a Dragon-type. Lance is going to destroy me.

    Well... it does make sense that they'd make all new Hoenn sprites from the start instead of doing it all again for the remakes. Which will be made.
    Agreed. I guess most HGSS sprites didn't make it in because BW and HGSS were developed at the same time, and they weren't arsed to add them into BW later on. Laziness~~
    They're flops anyway.

    Haha I loved that. Poor Kety. Bayonse's line "my boby is the bast boby of all time" KILLED me. I bet it was Lil Kim who tried to kill Nekci. Everybody wants it to happen.

    I was wondering why you seemed to just scribble in the hair at the end :u
    Not my fault that grinding is such a bore~ I haven't touched SS in so long I actually forget what level they are. I really need to evolve Magneton.

    Hoenn got great sprites, but yeah the rest were pretty dire. I'll never understand why they kept some of the shitty DP sprites over the much serperior PtHGSS sprites. Dragonite looks high and Tyranitar is so stoned he's gone cross-eyed. It's not even laziness, they could have just used the HGSS ones .-.
    I'm totes creeped out now. How can you even write that.

    Oh yeah. She's due to make a hasty recovery, she has to be at the FMAs. I hope they show Kety Perr: Pert of Me 3D at some point~
    She totally deserves it, that song slayed.

    Got it this morning. I want to reply with something awesome but I don't know what to do. I tried drawing Adole but she turned out like that bird from Sesame Street.
    OH yes, I forgot Simipour.

    Yeah, buuuuuuut I'm lazy and I don't feel like looking for it. Plus I'd have to go adding all the numbers and ugh.
    I can't grind. It's like studying and cooking. I just have a block. I think BW spoiled me, with the Lucky Egg and abundance of Audino and trainers I just lost my knack for grinding. My Pokemon are barely level 40 and I've been on Route 26 for ages. I KNOW BW picked the worst sprites. They should have just kept the PtHGSS sprites. Typhlosion looks retarded.
    Ow. Ow ow ow. That actually hurts to think about.

    I thought Kety would get Quen Flop, nobody likes her. Worst thing is that it'll be a while before the next episode because of voting and what not :< I guess Bayonse's next episode will tide me over.~

    and damn Geekachu and Jack for breaking my streak of VMs :(
    There are a good few middle grounds. I do hate Garbodor, Alomomola, Beheeyem and Watchog though. Such flops.
    believe it.

    I barely added any phone numbers because I got sick of everybody calling me to talk about BERRIES all the time. Plus you have to call them at certain times and everything so. Vileplume is vile.
    Of course not. I'm a way bigger sex symbol than Bellsprout~

    Well I forget what it said now anyway, so.
    Episode 7 was absolutely hilarious. I'm dying at Medoner's song.
    I suppose tension's one way to put it. In 2011 it was a pretty good and active community, but for some reason or another Kira decided to start being a ***** and start trolling the other members, provoking Aviere to leave (she said she'd return when Electra Heart was released but never did)*and the other members to start hating him and become fed up with the thread.*

    Truth is, there's absolutely nothing to discuss (compared to 2011 which was a massive year) and members as such as Aviere, lbsweet96, zhanton and even Adam Ant who used to be fun and bring diversity have stopped posting. It's why I don't post much any more. It's pretty much died, that thread.*
    you are possibly the most interesting thing that's happened to the pop music thread in the past few months

    We are thinking about having a mini MK7 Torney, we have 5 people who say they could do it and we'd like 8. Drop by the thread to see more.
    NOT IF I BELIEVE~~~ Yeah Burgh is a total flop, I don't think I'm going to run into much trouble there, even if I still have to rely on Elekid, unless Riolu has evolved by then.
    I honestly thought that BW had some of the best designs. No reliance on new evolutions for cool Pokemon either (I'm looking at you Sinnoh~)
    You're totes gonna fail Leaving Cert English.

    I'm underleveled because I'm far too lazy to bother grinding against a bunch of lv 28 Doduo for the lv ~50 Elite Four. I mean seriously, they could have at least changed it in the remakes. B| Bellossom always confused me. It's such a random evolution for Gloom (or "puke" as my sister called hers).
    You sound jealous of Bellsprout.

    Yeah pretty much. I lurk there all the time, but it's a pretty suckish thread and I don't follow music as much as people there do, so.
    Imagine. It's more the fact that it's on a shitty setting than that it's a shitty broadband.

    Well I guess Riolu can Force Palm Koffing and then um... be resisted by Whirlipede, and then Servine can do nothing, and then Elekid can Shock Wave it. Or something. ... Yeah. e: Damn, I'll have to rely on Elekid for Burgh too ¬.¬
    I like Seismitoad and all, but Palpitoad is a total beast. Tympole looks like some sort of depressed nun, so he can stay well away.
    You're using semi-colons wrong~ And hey that ***** was being mean. I had a Soothe Bell and everything.

    I was pretty underleveled for my latest SS run, so some of them posed a challenge. Jasmine was a total joke though, my level 29 Quagsire OHKOed her whole team.
    Scyther is easy as long as you don't pick Chikorita. Uggghh, Kingdra is EVIL. Although in my latest SS run, my lv 35 Ursaring took it down :U
    Also Pokemon 69.

    I'm just confused about why Adele's boby is Katy Perry.
    I dunno, but it's classified as porn for some reason. The Darren Shan website is also blocked because it's "occult" .-.

    But what the hell can Servine and Koffing do against her? :z
    It has a beast of a shiny form though. And Seismitoad needs to live in that corner too, as cool as it is B|
    Wait, seriously? My Budew didn't evolve until like... Solaceon. Yeah I'm pretty impatient so I cba to run around for ages.

    Well Scyther has U-Turn in HGSS which basically kills everything. Plus yeah, you pretty much can't train your Pokemon because all of the wild Pokemon are like, level 5 and the trainers run out after a while.
    And it's not like Bellsprout was the most powerful thing >.>

    im thinkin about reforming destins child but kellys busy and i cnt rember teh other ones name
    Alomomasturbation is pretty disturbing.

    The broadband came with a default block on ~bad sites~ and I haven't the foggiest what password I set so I can't change it. OH WELL.

    Well yeah but it's just a cop out to use it against Roxie, she can barely damage you. I'll defeat her with my Elekid thank you very much. Scolipede isn't that bad, though it's been crapped all over in the anime so that sort of put me off.
    Well I recently spent days trying to defeat Bugsy with my Togepi in SS so Scyther just came to mind. And honey, if you had trouble with Roserade you're playing the game wrong~
    Starmie was an ******* though 8\

    Also the Nekci Menij show is like the best thing ever.
    You must have a pretty strange definition of wings.

    Well maybe sexy is a biiiiiit of a stretch. At least he has better fashion sense than Burgh~
    Oh honey you're so kind.

    Magnemite is just taking the easy way out.
    Whirliepede is pretty defensive, and Venoshock will do a hell of a lot of damage if you're poisoned. Seviper is too powerful for them to put on the second Gym leader anyway (although I guess they did have Scyther...)

    Yeah I've never followed Paper Mario so I haven't the foggiest what you're talking about.
    I can't believe it's not out until next year. I mean, they announced it (and properly, not just some crappy teaser poster like Skyward Sword) ages ago, and the video of it was released alongside Mario Kart and other games that are already out. It's long overdue B|
    Ohhh. Its hand/fin... things are sort of creepy though. Imagine being carried by that thing.

    Grimsley is a sauve, sexy vampire dude who flips coins and doesn't wear socks. Shauntal is a good writer, yeah... but meh.
    Marshall is by far the worst though, design wise at least.

    Well there's Venoshock. And getting Poisoned. And having no good Pokemon to defeat her by then.

    Well I dunno, I've never really looked at any of the other ones :U It does look like a pretty cool game to me, but what do I know I guess.
    Because they can't just keep on rehashing games :m
    (◡‿◡✿) What the hell is this

    Yeah, Sinnoh had a severe lack of Fire-types. I don't know what they were thinking with DP, having only one non-starter Fire-type (and picking Ponyta).
    I thought Alomomola was Luvdisc 2.0? Butyeah, it's totally forgettable. I don't think anybody ever even uses one.

    Grimsley is waaay better than Caitlin.

    Just look at that dude.
    I'm not really too bothered by difficulty, I've learned not to expect much. By Roxie, all I'll have is Snivy, Riolu and Elekid, so she should pose some sort of a challenge, at least.

    When is Paper Mario out? Never played them before, but the one for the 3DS looks pretty swell.
    ummm? I'm confused.
    WHAT I replied to this I know I did :i

    Well I like them, but I wouldn't really like them enough to use them. I'm totes picky. Lumineon has a cool idea behind it, but it sucks tbh. Such a forgettable Pokemon.
    Pretty sure it is (FOR SOME REASON).

    Those "robotic ****s" are like the most popular ever in Japan (because???) so that's probably why they got to appear. And Palmer got to appear anyway :U
    Nothing's ever really that hard. And Roxie's supposed to be pretty hard anyway, so it's all good.
    Glalie as a fierce design but it's dire movepool and crappy stats let it down. Froslass at least beats it in that regard.

    Wikis are very picky about stuff so it's probably true. Oh well~
    Wait are you saying that Burgh is a good name? Suppose it's better than Bugsy...

    There's still a good few only available in older games, and they can't really leave people who start playing with BW/BW2 unable to get them. It was nice when the Regis were only available through a convoluted process back in RSE, though.
    The only Fire-types I've ever used are Arcanine and Typhlosion :/ I've recently realised that the only non starter water-types that I like are Azumarill and Floatzel.

    I never really paid any attention to the frontier brains, apart from Palmer because he actually, you know, was relevant.
    I do wish that Marlon had more than three Pokemon though, but I guess he's a better eighth leader than Volkner in DP. Pretty sure every eighth leader pre-BW had more than three, so it's really disappointing B\ They really should have thrown him a Mantine or something.
    I actually like Frosslass too, even though it pales drastically in comparison with Snorunt.

    Whaaaat. They announced AC ages ago, where the hell is it.
    We'll all be used to them in a few weeks, at least. At least they're better than Burgh.

    Well looks like everybody in Eterna and Canalave will die from Nightmares now. Good riddance to Gardenia.
    Haha, yeah. Unless they're on a magic rotater or something.
    Oh I wouldn't, it was just an example. And I always have to have a flyer and a surfer, it's a pain to have to go to the box to get something to fly with. It was excruciating to have to wait until the eighth gym to get my Rufflet in White :U

    I've gotten far enough in it to beat one of the twins, but it was horrible so I just stopped. Like R_N said, I can see why they gave us the battle against the twins outside.
    Waiiiiit, what's a flop? Gym leader teams or world tournament teams?
    It spites you.

    Still top of my list. Jeez, what games are you getting? I'm thinking of getting Paper Mario, maybe, but I dunno.
    Finn or something would have been so much better. Dunno why everybody is OMGRAGING at Corless, it's not that bad. Marlon makes him sound like some sort of posh English dude. Or something.

    Cresselia and Heatran sort of make sense because there can be more than one, but Regigigas is a bit out there.
    I don't really mind overlapping types that much, but it sort of depends. I'd never use Swellow and Pelliper on the same team, but I wouldn't mind Swellow and something like Salamence or Gliscor. I'm just weird like that :l

    I don't see why they had two Subway Masters, they're literally the exact same. Plus I'm preeeeetty sure they're robots.
    Well yeah, true, but I guess they had to put Blue as champion so they brought Giovanni back. They'd probably have the same team anyway so it's all good~ I like Cheren, but his Gym battle team is totally reductive. He could have at least had a Mincinno or something.

    I dunno, all I really want is BW2. My sister will probably get Animal Crossing so I can just play hers.
    Marlon is an all right name for a Water leader, but just... not for Shizui. Dr. Corless sounds fine though, I don't see why so many have problems with it.

    Dunno about cameos, but yeah, the shoved like all the RS and DP legends in, while strangely leaving out all of the Kanto/Johto legends.
    I tend to use my favourite favourites only once, in my "main" game. I'm a *tad* OCD in regards to teams B\

    Still, would have been great to be able to like, fight yourself in the game. Wasted opportunity imo.
    Eh, he's an Elite Four now so it'd be weird if they included him. Glad that those lot are in though, it's good to battle them. Most of the teams are confirmed now, and they seem all right, I love how they gave Lenora Braviary. And um, Candice's signature is Abomasnow, honey.

    Uuuuuugh, 12 Oct is so far away omg. And I can't believe they called Shizui Marlon.
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