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  • Well. I rarely even post in this acct. last time I was active was in August of last year.

    But the fact that i can use IP Addresses to access the website at school plus the HGSS thing got me to be a bit active here. XDDD
    [an actually decently timed response] Probably. As I only come here when Im really really really really fing bored.[/decently timed response]
    Again... days later.... hahaha

    I'm good. drowning in my own sweat from a heat wave and really busy with pointless work for classes... -.-' Oh well. How are you?

    P.S., try reaching me on PC, your more likely to get a response :D
    Yeah. None of the PC gang are ever here. I talk w. Baa, Chamo-chan, Silverdragonlaura, and ValentineUmbreon/Imzadi over MSN messenger. I dont speak to Splatty anymore. Snoaz is basically a PC only gal and yeah those are most of my friends on the forums. :p I guess youll be my Serebii guy since we never talk on PC. And yes, you did send that last year. I hadnt been on since November.
    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for answering after... four months. ^^; But really, I haven't been on here for that time. So I say a very late hi back! XD
    (I should perhaps be more active here on Serebii, but PC forum is so much more fun..)
    Same here ^^

    I actually joined out of boredom, but Serebii is pretty nice, so I may stick around and whatnot~
    Thought so ^^ 'Tis Serene from PC, or previously Pika as some called me ><'

    I've been trying to find people from PC on here, 'tis all ><'
    Hey! Um... Just out of curiosity, by any chance are you Ruby-kun of PC? The names are similar, so...

    If not, I'm sorry to bug you! *puts hands up*
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