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Recent content by RufflesthePidgey

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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    -There was an invisible item called the Mist Stone somewhere in ock Tunnel that the itemfinder couldn't pick up. This would evolve your starter into one of the Pokegods. -Beat the E4 enough times and Oak would let you walk around the Hall of Fame, leading to Sky City. -Behind Bill's...
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    Do you still plan to Catch Em All?

    I do plan to, and since I lost my 492 pokemon-filled platinum cart, I plan to use this as a fresh starting point. The only Pokemon I plan to pokeshift over are the unobtainables and Zorua/Zoroark-realted legends.
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    HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed

    Eh, they should've just pulled a Futurama. Nintendo does not condone the incredibly cool crime of underage gambling!
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    Digimon Data Squad

    disney censors strike again. Bombernanimon, instead of looking like a giant walking bomb, is going to look like a giant walking orange, and his explosions will be green. At least we're getting thepisode, I guess...
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    Who was your favorite Gym Leader?

    Jasmine. Steel types rule. Steelix is cool. And I find her to be abit cute.
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    Digimon Data Squad

    8:30 eastern, people! Who'd hyped for this? I already saw like, 20 subbed eps, but I'm excited to to see it dubbed
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    Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?

    even with the proper types, the E4 put up a decent fight. (except Aaron. The only pokemon that gave me trouble was Drapion. I didn't have any ground moves.) Then again, I think I was in my mid-50s when I fought the e4. IMO, Johto's e4 was easier than these guys.
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    Official 2nd Generation REMAKE Thread

    or it could be the team being original? All the gens had a 3-stage super-poke, and it's always been a dragon, except in Johto where it was Rock and Dark. The legendary trio has always been three different types, but this gen there all the same type, with the main difference being the...
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    Character crush?

    back when I was about 10, I had a huge crush on Misty. While that's been over for years, she's still one of my favorite characters.
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    What Annoys You about the New D+P series

    Pokemon contests are still a part of the show. the new rival. He's boring. Gary, and even Harley did the whole rival thing a lot better. Granted, I like the way he represents the "real" pokemon trainers. If it's not the writers taking a shot at the hardcore community, I find it a nice...
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    What did you use your masterball on?

    Raikou. He was the only one that could run before one of my pokemon could sleep him. Man...I miss the days where pokemon didn't sleep walk.
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    Heh...how coincidental. I was thinking of making a pokemon comic, with a running gag being the lameness of Quilfish. Anyways, a lot of people (until 4th gen) seemed to hate most 2nd gen pokemon. They have some of my favorite designs, actually (I <3 Hoothoot)
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    what gym had you frustrated

    On my first runthrough, I don't think any gave me any trouble. But I started a new game on Diamond, and Gardenia and Maylene were both tough. I resorted to using curse to max my grotle's attack to beat Gardenia. I can't remember how I beat Maylene, think it was with Grotle, after Kadabra...
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    Breeding & Egg Move Chains Help/Discussion Thread - Egg Moves list & FAQ in 1st post!

    Is it at all possible to get Ice Punch and Dragon Dance onto a totodile without using Emerald? It doesn't look like it, but I'm new to the whole chain breeding thing, so I dunno.
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    How far do you go when training a team (IVs EVs Natures)

    I don't have nearly enough time on my hands to care about IVs too much. And even less patience. I'll hatch up to a dozen eggs and pick the best nature. Then EV train.