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Recent content by rukario20

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    calling in D/P

    ya they should bring it back
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    Pros/Cons Rare Pokemon Trading

    ya i guess but i like the idea of haveing to recapture a metagross becase in the old game u cant catch a metagross or salamence
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    Official New Pokémon Discussion Thread IV

    what if korobushii is a pre evo for pinsir or hracross god forbid
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    Best Ghost pokemon

    gangar is the best
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    favorite place to train

    rebattling gyms is sweet
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    Elite 4 levels

    i hope its a round like the 80-70
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    losing money

    i love earning money and the mom in fohto saved it for u like a poke bank i always thougt theyd make one but o well i can hope
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    Will YOU restart your game in order to get a shiny starter?

    its just a wast of time for me id rather play the game
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    shiny lucario that would be amazing
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    Best Character Revealed To Date?

    the rival is the best and i think the prof is part of team galexy
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    Places you wish to see

    dose any body no anything about pokemon metalic silver or gilded gold
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    Anyone else TRYING to stay away from the newest info?

    does any body no anything about pokemon gilded gold or metalic silver
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    Weavile wild?

    i hope its wiled i dont want to trade it even with the global trade center
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    Color badges

    if there color there color if not then not
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    Guy ITs very Real

    thats it im out cya