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  • Larvitars? are you still offering these and what genders are these guys?
    1 - Relatively Superior - HP // Special Attack - Modest
    23 - Outstanding Potential - HP // Attack // Special Defense - Gentle
    22 - Outstanding Potential - Special Attack // Special Defense // Speed - Adamant <-- NO STEALTH ROCK
    4 - Relatively Superior - HP // Special Defense // Speed - Sassy
    30 - Outstanding Potential - HP // Special Attack // Special Defense - Bold

    Gibles? are you still offering these and what genders are these guys?
    20 - Relatively Superior - HP // Defense // Speed - Jolly
    10 - Relatively Superior - HP // Attack // Special Attack - Brave
    14 - Outstanding Potential - HP // Speed - Adamant
    7 - Relatively Superior - HP // Attack // Special Attack - Rash

    just what wondering what genders these guys are... mine i just realized have horrid IV's and I want to start breeding
    To those I still have pending trades with, I am around Friday and just about all weekend long. I am sorry that my times haven't been friendly with a few of you. Out of all of my trades, only about 80% of them follow through because of timing issues. Hope to hear from some of you soon.
    Hey guys, I have A LOT of pending trades. It's totally my fault. I made a lot of poke-plans here and there and than Memorial day weekend happened, whoops. I'm around for a little while now, than I'm off to a BBQ. I'll be back around 7PM today EST until about..4 AM. That's like..9 hours of availability. If you've already made your trades, I apologize we made plans and I couldn't fit your plans for an Eevee bred filled weekend, if we haven't traded yet, it's likely my fault anyhow. During these trades today I will be offering an IV bred pokemon as a bonus for nothing. Just trade me a trash Pokemon. I still have some Female DW Eevees that havent been reserved or were never claimed up to this point. Thanks for understanding, RumZ.
    It's cool like I said, now I dont need to level a few of these pokes from 99 to 100, ill just burn the candy on that .
    No I really mean, enter them in a battle in Battle Subway lol. In how many hours exactly, I think Ponyta for Nidoran
    Yeah it tells you what are perfect, but I need to know the exact values. Also, what was the pending trade we have peng? I'm around tonight.
    Ummm... are we still trading? Oh and by the way, no need to use rare candies to check IV. You can just enter the pokemon in the Battle Subway, they're auto-leveled to Level 50
    I'm going to do a little more advertising with it and I'll let you know. Also Cheetochee, everything I do on here is legit. It's my personal opinion that cheating at a handheld game is probably the dumbest **** ever, and completely pointless. I don't even clone. I started playing this game about 2 months ago.
    Hey peng, ive just been super busy. I have been doing most of my posting from my aircard from the traveling.. Are you around tonight around nighttime, EST?

    Zuzu14, I dont have a ds that can use AR or anything, I use a 3ds, and I dont use 3rd party programs, so if I get to a total of 49 rarecandies I can IV check pokemon by feeding it 49 rare candies, so instead of saying, oh this pokemon has this perfect IV and this perfect IV, I can have an accurate and very close and real estimation of what the IV's are on the pokemon, thus inflating, and admittedly somewhat deflating, my tradable pokemon's worth. :)
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