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  • Hi, Im a new trainer and my favorite pokemon is Houndour, but I can't get him in Diamond! I saw your message that you had some to trade and was hoping I could have one? If you could, you would be my hero! Just message me or email me with a time to meet you for a trade and I'll send you a message right back with my FC! Thanks!!!
    I live in the UK so obv, i can't get shaymin.
    if i manage to trade a shaymin over wi-fi on serebii or something, will i get the flower?

    i know i've read this somewhere and i won't just need to be sure, and partly i forgot x.x

    So, there's no way I can get the flower to change shaymin's forms unless i get a trip to america out of the blue by like.. midnight?

    Just need a little help :>.
    No. Most likely an event will occur in the UK too for Platinum. Or, you could always trade. But I'm pretty sure Shaymin will be released via WiFi in Japanese copies of Platinum eventually. :[
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