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Last Activity:
Mar 12, 2017
Aug 7, 2009
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Dragon busted by Her

RWB was last seen:
Mar 12, 2017
    1. RWB
      Hullo everyone, I still live!

      Probably not gonna be active at all, but just for the few that might have worried.
    2. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Your signature is very interesting.
    4. PokeMaster366
      Just responded to your review in my story, and honestly, I don't like Shipping with a story that much, either. There are only a few special exceptions, but still...It's what killed "The Legend of Korra" for the most part. It's probably why Oda sunk that ship when he started writing the One Piece manga (you can tell how much I like it).
    5. PokeMaster366
    6. Pokeshippers
      Ok just give me a week because I am currently finishing my Pokéshipping fiction on Fanfiction.net and I am quite close to finishing my multi-chapter story (which will be the first time I've ever completed a Multi-chapter because I tend to well... get distracted and then lose track of things).

      I only just saw the thread and I thought I'd be able to try it, so I'll try and think of a good Two-Shot right?

      I've always liked Georgia as well so this should help though I have very little experience with homosexuality fiction, but it'll be a fun challenge, so once again tell me now if there's anything specific you'd like and I'll see what I can do :)

      P.S. thanks for accepting friends request.
    7. Pokeshippers
      I looked up requests for Fanfics and is the Bustershipping still open?
    8. ShinyMienshao
      You have the BEST signature here on Serebii my friend.
    9. RWB
      Well, frankly, I'd not seen your sig in a thread before I wrote that. :P
    10. Yeul
      Yeah, it's Korean. I wonder why it takes people so long to figure out it's me, I've still got the PB in my sig.
    11. Caseydia
      Thanks I'm finally getting the hang of this who sig thing.
    12. Yeul
      Focking multiposting.
    13. Yeul
      This message was baleeted by Elice_Carol for no reason
    14. Yeul
      But WHY isn't it getting out of Japan? It's nonsensical, there's no reason not to have it, but I suppose the patch'll be out soon.

      I know of Serenesforest, weren't a few members making a parody that focuses on Gheb and Lyn, The Goat Demon?
    15. Yeul
      Shiida. I'm Irish and I also have the European version. Why the fock isn't the sequel out yet, I wonder?
    16. Yeul
      If you're Rickard, I'm Dorothy.

      BTW, what does your version of Shadow Dragon call Sheeda, Shiida or Caeda?
    17. Yeul
      Lordy, you know of the Akaneia games aswell? You're becoming a bigger bro by the day, George.
    18. Remmie
      Oh. I should have known, but I'm not a fan of this serie, never saw it.
    19. HatersGonnaHate
      yeah we did but we're cool now xD
    20. MidnightMelody
      Love your sig XD
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