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Mar 12, 2017
Aug 7, 2009
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Dragon busted by Her

RWB was last seen:
Mar 12, 2017
    1. HatersGonnaHate
      Okay friends. I don't think Iris is badly written but I do agree that the writers could more effort in her becoming a dragon master, like giving her another dragon pokemon for starters. But I do feel she's on the right track because her connection with dragon types is already strong.

      Georgia is a good rival because she'll keep pushing Iris to become better.
    2. JennaJayfeather
      Lol I wasn't thinking of you...it's another user here (but I won't mention names)...whenever I mention a thing about Dento they like to point out how comments like that make them mad and it's unnatural to gush over an animated character. I'm just going to guess they were trolling me for whatever reason, but yeah. xDDD
    3. Remmie
      Ah. Who is Gollum?
    4. Remmie
      Hello there. I just wanted to notice that in your signature you said "I wants it". No s at want because it's not third person.
    5. Yeul
      I really can't wait to see her match against Bianca and Emboar, Bianca's probably one of the few people that she's acted sympathetically towards and I'd like this to shine through in their battle.
    6. Yeul
      This is amazing, it's quite odd to see a fanboy who is completely logical and agreeable in his arguments. As Butler said before, you've got good taste!
    7. The Great Butler
      The Great Butler
      You have good taste in Unova rivals, my friend.
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