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  • I'll try to get Hydro Pump on a Bagon with a Sp. Atk nature. I can also try for gender, if you'd like--but that will make things a little more difficult. ^.^;;

    I can get you a Treecko as well, if you're planning on training a Sceptile. Right now I have a bunch, lv. 1 with Giga Drain.
    Ouch~ that sounds like a handful. D=

    Okay--I'll see what I can do for you, then.
    I don't have any bred Bagon at the moment, but I can definitely breed some for you! Would you like me to try for any Egg Moves?
    I spoke to you on AIM, but you didn't answer. D:

    I was sad. Until I realised that I had changed my screen-name, so you probably didn't realise it was me. XD

    So next time a random person speaks to you on AIM ... it will probably be me. Assuming you come online again sometime soon. :p
    Hey, Ryano! =D I missed talking to you~~

    Just tell me what Pokemon you need and I'll try my best to get them for you as soon as possible. I haven't been on Serebii for awhile either, or able to play my Pearl that often. School is also taking up quite a bit of my time now, so it's hard to fit in other things like games and such.

    Thanks for contacting me, and good luck with Pokemon, as always!
    Indeed it has. D: *hugs back*

    I keep expecting you on AIM--I have many friends on AIM now, so I'm on every day except the past week 'cos I've been away--but you haven't been online at all lately. D:

    How's things? ^^
    Of course! ^-^ If you catch me while I'm on, feel free to leave a Profile message or PM me. Or you can give a time and I will try my best to be on then. I'll give you Sludge Bomb and you can evolve your Haunter, for sure!
    Hmm... I'm not sure if I have that one in Emerald or Pearl. I'm pretty sure I used it on both games.

    I'm really sorry about Flygon. I wanted to breed it with Earthquake for you... but things didn't work out that way, unfortunately. ^^; The Flygon family is in the Bug egg group... so it was hard for me to find a match besides Ditto.
    I get addicted to those sometimes. >.>;; I'm not sure what it is about them... but they're fun! Dress-up is probably my favorite part as well.

    And I can give you Sludge Bomb whenever you're ready now.
    By the way, I checked my game and I still have a Sludge Bomb TM that I can give you. I have to wait awhile until I can give it to a Pokemon to migrate in from Emerald, though. ^^;

    Ohh... I know what you mean about Cresselia--I still haven't caught her! I'm just too lazy; whenever I go out searching is when I remember I have something else that I've got to do. Dx;; But good luck training your Ghastly! And congratulations, you've nearly completed your third team~~
    Ahhh, I see. Sludge Bomb? I'll be sure to check my game and see--if I have it, then you've got dibs. ^o^

    Awesome! You're really fast, Ryano! How's the rest of your team coming along, if you don't mind my asking?
    Alright, then. If they swarm, I'll be sure to catch an extra few. Or I could breed for a particular nature for you, if I ever manage to catch one.
    And I'll post on the trade threads later--so if I receive one that way, I'll definitely let you know. ^.^
    Yeah, that would be awesome.

    I never really trained one yet, and realizing that it's the pokemon that evolves into Mamoswine, I have now decided to catch one. It seems like every pokemon swarms except for it. >D
    I'm glad you got your Scizor, then! (=

    Unfortunately, no. (You're looking for one correct? I saw your post in the Trade threads.) I just checked my Pearl version and they aren't swarming either. But I'll tell you what--if I ever do see them swarm in my game, I'll catch one for you. Or I can look for one out on the trade threads..?
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