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Ryger Vandell
Last Activity:
Oct 29, 2017
Dec 15, 2011
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Ryger Vandell

Unknown Trainer

Ryger Vandell was last seen:
Oct 29, 2017
    1. Bert
      Okay, we're getting there:


      We have the claw-tail, the ball-tail (with a hint of red on the tail) and the ball-with-dots-tail (good idea on that one btw). I also tried rearranging the dots on the neck into a triangle, and that made it look a lot better than the old dots imo, so I put those on the bottom row, making a grand total of six options to consider right now.

      Personally, I like the top left, top right, and bottom center ones best. The other three are either a little bit too plain, or a little bit overkill imo, but maybe that's just me. I'm seriously considering keeping both a claw-tail and one out of two ball-tail ones, though, or maybe even both. I really can't decide between them at this point. :p

      What's your take?
    2. Bert
      So I know it's still supposed to be a WIP, but I got a bit carried away and basically made four versions. >.<


      The feet were kinda hard to get right (I'm still not sure they are, for that matter). I'm not really sure which one to go with here for the tinkering part, what do you think?

      The ball tail thingy was a bit experimental, but I included it anyway. I still need to adjust the shading a little bit on the claw tail if we stick to that one, since it's spliced. Also, I'm not a fan of all the red dots on the neck for some reason. I'd like to implement those elsewhere, but I'm not sure where or how exactly (the red dots on the clawed feet versions are an experiment as well, in that way :p).

      Thanks btw, I'm really glad people liked that sprite as much as I do :p
    3. Bert
      Badass, man! Tail came out real sweet, especially. I'll get working on it soon-ish, but feel free to pester me if I'm slacking too much. I need a kick in the butt sometimes. :p

      I'll stick to the design at first and try to finish that and see how it looks, then we can talk about possible modifications once it's finished.

      edit: Oh yeah, I forgot, about the Larvitar/Magnemite thing: while I agree you did a superb job, I do believe the original statement was Tyrannitar/Magnemite. Now I'd like to see you try that... if you dare. ;)
    4. noobiess
      Nice to see you take those kind of challenges. I wouldn't know where to begin with that combo.
      But actually Bert made that tutorial so you should say to him that it is certainly possible to fuse those 2 ^^
    5. Bert
      Sweet, I'm looking forward to it!
    6. Bert
      Yeah man, I'm in! Can you send me a rough idea? I'd like to see what you're gonna do with Meganium's leaves specifically :p
      edit: Flowers, not leaves. Flowers. >.<
    7. Bert
      Sure thing man, got anything particular in mind? I'm pretty busy the next couple of days but I'll have a look and try to get some ideas. Never done a collab but I guess we both write some ideas down, try to synthesize them together a bit and then start working? :p
    8. Bert
      Ha, I remember that one! :p Personally, I'd try to change either Electrode's texture or Cloyster's colors, depending on the base, as the other way around probably won't work. The grin is also something you could play with, but don't ask me how. :p Anyway, you should definitely show me when you finish it up.

      And yeah, I did start with fusions. When I first joined here there was some fusion contest to celebrate the coming of D/P and I just decided why the hell not try (I didn't know recolors even existed at that point :p). I obviously didn't win owt but I liked doing it, so I kept at it and made some very bad fusions which soon became regular bad and then decent and so on... Only recolors I ever did was for contests way after that :p.
    9. Bert
      Y'know, I considered Tropius-Chimecho as well, but I was afraid I wouldn't pull it off. You did a swell job though!
      Oh, and I went through my archive and it turns out I've only done a whoppin' three recolors in my life. \o/
    10. Bert
      Sure thing mate. It really is the best it could be, I don't see any flaws at all tbh. I only voted for the Weezing and Dusclops ones because they were more creative (idea-wise) imo. You were next in line together with the M-Ampharos, Munchlax and Croconaw. So yeah, great job. :)
    11. Vern
      I'm pretty sure normal/fairy would work fine. Normal types don't have much distinct characteristics anyways...
    12. Vern
      Hey, are you still doing togetic or are you switching pokemon?
    13. Vern
      Hey, for your banner in the GWSC, maybe you can consider removing the pachurisu? it looks really weird on the end...
    14. Alfred Jones
    15. ~Kurou
      Can you do sprites without a white background?
    16. Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones
      it looks great though O:
    17. Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones
      that looks cool, and you made that on GIMP?
    18. Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones
      Really? Thanks you ^^
    19. Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones
      Just their normal names
    20. Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones
      How about Gold
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