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  • God Gorr was so good in this movie. He’s so distinct in appearance and personality. Bale has such a strong screen presence here, I could listen to him talk for hours. Absolute menace

    What a waste. They killed off the most interesting character before he got to do anything. He could’ve easy top 5 villains if they handled him properly. This movie frustrates me so much nowadays
    D3 stuff
    - Secret invasion trailer’s giving me winter soldier vibes, love to see it
    - Werewolf by night trailer looks fun, had no idea what to expect from it tho
    - Hoping we get more daredevil updates sometime
    - Definitely keen for more Kang in the future, whether it’s in antman, loki or avengers later

    Not that invested in anything else but ofc that can change down the line
    Pretty late but I finally beat Volo earlier! Took a bunch of tries. First fought him months ago but lost to Giratina. I only used one max revive at the end, funnily enough I didn’t need to. He was drowsy that turn so if I attacked he would’ve fainted by the end lol

    Garchomp, Gliscor and Torterra were clutch as. Overall a great fight, Volo’s not my favourite villain but was a fun one
    > Garchomp, Gliscor and Torterra.
    My guy not only do you have excellent taste in Pokemon, but also has the same weakness to ice type as my team usually does lmao. Nonetheless, good job on beating Volo, that fight is tough.
    Haha cheers mate, was surprised how good ground was against him. Gliscor legit swept half his team
    Gliscor is just an absolute beast, that thing's been OU ever since its creation, and even Gligar managed to hold on UU.
    Ik it’s popular hating on Journeys nowadays but I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching it

    Not every ep but a fair amount of them
    Yeah, I know I've seemed negative in a lot of my posts, but even if I don't agree with a lot of writing decisions and don't like some characters, I can't deny I've enjoyed watching a fair amount of episodes I've watched.

    Granted I missed a lot due to doing other things but of the ones I've watched I've enjoyed a lot of.
    Yeah I’ve got a fair amount of gripes too but I try not to focus on them too much. Cause I can tell how messy it has been behind the scenes. I just try to appreciate the good but sometimes we get stuff like last week lol
    Just saw Thor Love and Thunder

    It’s good. Enjoyable, funny, entertaining but can be serious at times. Jane was better than I thought and Gorr was incredible, Christian Bale is awesome man

    Just wish it was longer tho, felt rushed sometimes imo
    Lol I just got a warning for bumping a thread months ago that’s not even active anymore

    But the mods still haven’t approved my username change request
    Watch Moon Knight
    I love the bots here, their threads crack me up every time

    And hey if I ever need a love marriage expert someday, I know where to look
    Volo’s theme is legit stuck in my head nowadays

    So calm yet menacing at once, it’s lowkey fire
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