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Avid nintendo and marvel fan. My first game was Leafgreen and fav is still all of Gen V. Gen VII games and anime are slept on too. Still waiting for the mods to approve my username change request

Remember these wise words:
‘I am trying to show ****ing evidence just cause ash states he going to fight iris to see how strong charzarid got after training why do you think I keep asking you to tell me your discord stupid. ya krookodile beat dragonite but dragonite still got stronger and also no one got in the way of the if the battle continued charzarid clearly would have won dragonite dosent have the ap to put a scratch on him he is stronger then infernape he beat an articuno and infernape is not going to beat moltres with ease thats not going to be a good fight dont get your hopes on that and charzarid clearly could have easily one shotted dragonite dragonite didnt have the ap to do anything so what the hell makes you think he could have done something and I am not even wanking charzarid bro you either tell me your discord name please or you just shut the **** up so I can at least find scans from Japanese **** about the fight or something I will find something you really pissing me off god damn it or I can call pis about the fight cause we know charzarid clearly one shots but whatever I am not salty though just tell me your discord so I didn't waste my time I can at least prove something

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Dec 18, 2001 (Age: 21)
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