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  1. Ryker101

    A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle! (1166)

    THEY DON'T MISS Hands down best PWC battle so far! Absolutely loved the setup, atmosphere, switching, matchups, strategies, animation and especially music here. They cut straight to the chase. So many cool moments, I can't list them all. Volkner is amazing man and was going all out. He was...
  2. Ryker101

    Goh Doesn’t Deserve the Hate He Gets: An analysis of what I like about his character and what could be done better

    This came out wayy longer than I expected lmao, but it's below. I've wanted to analyse him for a while:
  3. Ryker101

    August 20th: PM2019 077 - A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    Small thing but since the battle’s been scheduled one week from now, it’s likely Ash has been training in advance. So stuff like Gengar using dazzling gleam doesn’t seem as jarring, since they could just say he learnt it sometime during their (unfortunately offscreen) training.
  4. Ryker101

    Fully Powered! The Alola Desert Island Race!! (1165)

    Wow man, they really nailed that SM atmosphere with the race at the beginning. The music, presentations and setup really took me back. Loved the relationship between Ash and the boys; they praised him, he 'mentored' them (pretty funny how his explanation actually worked on them lol) and they...
  5. Ryker101

    August 13th: PM2019 076 - Fully Powered! The Alola Desert Island Race!!

    Probably a stretch but the preview showed some Passimian watching Ash from the forest. Wonder if they’ll bring that up, cause we know it’ll be the same group due to their green leaf patterns. Now that’ll be impressive continuity.
  6. Ryker101

    August 20th: PM2019 077 - A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    Gengar battling is cool but I’m actually keen for Lucario. It actually hasn’t had a proper fight yet after evolving. As a Riolu it first got absolutely bodied by Bea then only drew with her after a specific strategy and help from Pikachu. Even against Rose Lucario just won by spamming Aura...
  7. Ryker101

    August 20th: PM2019 077 - A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    - 3v3 - Lucario and Gengar - PIKASHUNIUM-Z - Iwane animating Someone give me an awakening, I must be dreaming here. Edit: let’s gooo Tomioka’s directing too
  8. Ryker101

    Nothing will ever beat original series. Nothing.

    He’d crush all of them. Alola Ash is a gigachad.
  9. Ryker101

    A special "winter arc" has been announced for the anime

    Cynthia is almost a no-brainer for this and I’d be surprised if she doesn’t mention being in the PWC master class here. So it’ll be like the one we just had? If we’re lucky we could get another reference to paul, since Cynthia made that comment about him and Ash but I’m not expecting it. Any...
  10. Ryker101

    August 13th: PM2019 076 - Fully Powered! The Alola Desert Island Race!!

    In a way, I think it’s good that these people are cotds since it shows that he’s actually inspired people outside his known friend group. His sphere of influence has grown tremendously, as it should have. Ik this is expecting too much, but it’ll be crazy if they show a quick flashback to Ash...
  11. Ryker101

    Cresselia's Midsummer Night's Light! (1164)

    … I mean you’re not wrong…
  12. Ryker101

    Why was Iris accused of not being a true friend to Ash?

    Tbh I haven’t seen BW since it ended so I’m still left with my initial impressions of it. I didn’t like Iris’ character early on, compared to the games. But I was more upset with Ash being regressed himself. It’s not necessarily that he’s being called out for doing dumb stuff, but that he’s...
  13. Ryker101

    Do you want that guy who beat Ash in the XY league to return ?

    Unless they do a direct Ash-Greninja vs Zard X rematch, it won’t feel like Ash is getting his redemption if he wins. If it’s less than a 6v6 (like a 2v2 even), it wouldn’t have the same impact as their previous match. While I’m happy to see him settle his score, it’ll feel like too little to...
  14. Ryker101

    Cresselia's Midsummer Night's Light! (1164)

    So they traded away Ash interacting with his old friend so that Chloe could bond with her instead. Surely they could’ve squeezed a high five in there somewhere. Pacing was unfortunately off on this one but it was still enjoyable regardless. Digging the new soundtrack though. That battle...
  15. Ryker101

    What is the most important thing the Pokemon anime has to get right for it to be enjoyable for you?

    Characters. As long as I enjoy seeing the people on screen, they have interesting backstories, aspirations and interactions with each other. I’m not too worried about plot since simple ones can be effective. Good characters can carry episodes on their own anyway (unless the plot is beyond boring...