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  • Only the first on serebii, technically (I talk to Bobandbill on msn). I got lots from irl friends and family.
    Hey. We haven't talked in forever. Nah, I don't really feel like RPGs recently so I'm only participating in the one I own.
    It's cool. I think I'm going to have the oni you're fighting be the one that Muramasa is fighting (since Tsuki already called Tomoe to help her with the other one). That way I'm involved in the killing of both the oni (just so nothing goes wrong). In my next post I'll have Muramasa (gruffly) interact with Jun a little.
    She is, she's just in one of her transformed shapes. Right now she's a little girl in a red kimono and a pink obi with silver hair, fox ears and 4 tails.
    Hey, so when I got back, I noticed that just one person had posted in Tales of Kami. I don't know what's up with that, but maybe it's because nobody has anything to say. Not sure about that. Anyway, if you need something to post, I'd advise having your character meet up with one or a few of the others (except Kaminari right now)...we need some character-interaction to go on here.
    If I were you, I'd be worried more about how Jun's going to hold his own when those oni get loose. They're not going to sit still long with only Kaminari to hold them back, that's for sure.

    We're all probably gonna get thrashed in my next couple of posts.
    This is the beginning fight. Basically, the end of this battle is the start of our adventure. You'll see why. For now, just enjoy (or don't enjoy, whichever you find more sane) the bloodshed. Send a few samurai or ninja to their graves.
    Hey, minor problem with your last post in Tales of Kami. Tomoe didn't actually say her fire spell (Kasai gijutsu) out loud. She thought it. Hence the lack of quotation marks.
    lolz Don't worry man its only 20 days since a school week is 5 days. I've been good, a bit busy but still good. Anyways I have to go do something so I'll VM you later.
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