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Oct 11, 2011
Sep 28, 2011
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PokeMaster, from My house.

RyuuFireStorm was last seen:
Oct 11, 2011
    1. Burakoru
      To answer your question on the thtread,
      Xat Chat is a chat site with many different groups to chat in, ours, the PseudoShadow chat group, is where we organize battles and hang out, get to know our fellow members better, it's alot easier than constant VMing. Cause more than one person can talk.
    2. Scubasteve23
      As the creator and leader of PseudoShadow, I'd like to welcome you into our clan. I'm glad to have you in our clan and glad that this is going to be your first clan. I really hope you enjoy your time here. If you please, come into the xat that is in my signature. In there, all of the clan members will be there to welcome and battle you, or just talk if you so please. Once again, I'm glad to have you.
    3. Burakoru
      Welcome to PseudoShadow, we are glad you have chosen us from the variety of clans you could join.
      If you're looking for battle or stuff, go to our xat chat.........The Xat Chat
      A lot of us tend to hang out there.
      Either way, glad you joined.
    4. Garch0mp0utrage
      Join our clan, Sheer Force! We will accept you with open arms.
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    My house.
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    I like cheese.