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  • yo buddy, where have you been? just worried about what you been up to.
    i'm not badgering or yelling, but i'd like to see you be more active on the clan' okay? how about a quick battle romorrow? you still need to battle me to rank up, remeber? we'll register eachother, and bring your best team' i wanna see just how good you really are...hehe.
    Wow.... you haven't had a vm for a while.... o.o AND you like lucario! that makes you awsome can i add you to my friend's list =P XD
    I am BACK!!!!!!! BTW can you nickname the Shiny Spinda Corleone? If you do, that'd be great! I'm making a Spinda Mafia and they all need nicknames, and I figured I'd name the Shiny one the name of the Godfather.

    By the way, do you have MSN or Yahoo? So we can chat. If you do, add me at ninjjaspazz for both of them.
    Oh, that's fine, since I'm going on vacation tomorrow, and I won't be back until next Sunday, so I won't be able to come online, just so you know. So... see you in a week, bye.
    Oh, I get it! Lol, should of thought of that. ^^;; Oh, and thank you, I really appreciate that! Yeah I have Diamond and Pearl. I'll try and catch something rare, anyway : D
    I posted this in my profile lol.

    You've got a shiny Spinda? -wants really bad- The only thing is I don't have a shiny to offer you T_T What would you accept for the trade? Oh, and, you can get a friend code on Sapphire? o_O;;
    Well actually I don't, because I'm always restarting my game when I get bored of my Pokemon, and so currently I've restarted it, and I haven't planned out a new team yet. And since I'm always restarting, I've never gotten to the Elite Four Yet [OCD f t w!] But once I get another friend code I'll tell you :p
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