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Feb 7, 2020
Feb 5, 2013
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Everything's so different here now. It's been so long.... Feb 7, 2020

RzK was last seen:
Feb 7, 2020
    1. T-Bolt
      Give me link.
    2. T-Bolt
      Wat is discord.

      Yeah, I saw. Surfing Raichu is cool.
    3. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      It's still nostalgia even if you never played them.

      Just because they are not the focus doesn't mean they should not include them. It's just not what is expected.

      Lmao gen 5 made things worse. It was too complicated and poorly designed. Most people I speak to don't want change. Especially not these silly ones.

      It didn't need changing or refreshing though. It was fine the way it was. Idc how close they are to gyms they're not the same.

      But you just said that not changing sells and that's precisely what happens with pokemon. Keep the theme the same, design a few new pokemon each gen and you have a recipe for success.

      Aloha forms are a change too far though.

      Only you and a small group of people feel that way.

      NFE's don't need sprucing up. I wouldn't mind as much if their logic made sense. Exactly. The logic was thrown out of the window with alohan raishït.
    4. Nothingjustgo.
      No pun intended, but vanillite is a flake. Don't wait on him :P
    5. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      But languages that don't use the generic alphabet are silly :p
    6. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Stop ignoring my message because it is 'long' :p

      Most languages use the alphabet though.
    7. Nothingjustgo.
      Your PRR average has been calculated
    8. Alexander18
      Alright. Completed national with all non-event pokemon for X and Alpha Sapphire. Finally gave us a part Dragon fossil pokemon. Catching Deoxys is great.
    9. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      You have to play all the gens :P

      But it was silly to introduce them if they are not going to continue with them. Many people just want mega evolutions, gym leaders and more of the same more or less. People don't want them to get crazy with all these new moves and shi-t. We already know how they work, if they are able to be used in competitive matches then battling just got even more complicated than it already is.
      But no-oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee wants a replacement for gyms argh. Why change something that works? Look at the the comments, people would have been happier with lots of mega evolution and the same basic concept of the storyline. That's what the whole anime is about so to change it now is silly. you catch pokemon, you train and raise them, you beat the gyms and the E4, you get to be champion everyone's happy, sales go through the roof and we all live happily ever after.

      They could have just refreshed them by giving them mega evo's. Sure the NFE's would miss out bo so what? If we got a mega flygon instead of a alohan charizard or something people would like that much better. Guarantee it. Plus darwinisms states the whole survival of the fittest things so it makes sense only the strongest/fully evolved pokemon should be able to mega evole or take on different forms. Not some baby pidgey in the ecosystem.
    10. Bakphoon™
      D i s c o r d
    11. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      You call yourself a pokemon fan lol? :p

      It's also the who concept of gen 7 that's annoying not just me but many others as well. The suspossed lack of new mega evolutions, Z move crap, totems instead of gyms, alohan forms. They could have just made them mega forms and everyone would have been happy.
      Granted these are not final but so far the most exciting thing about gen 7 is hyper training.
    12. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      You don't like gen 1?

      Well unova to but yh sun and moon. This new pokemon is just a oval with red spikes lol
    13. Bakphoon™
      D i s c o r d
    14. Minedreigon
      Indeed it has. I've honed everything, including my chess ability. Looking to get back into competitive mons when Sun and Moon are released.
    15. Minedreigon
      Hello again RzK.
    16. Deadly.Braviary
      Fast and furious Metagross sweep.
    17. Alexander18
      I am very hyped for these games. Zygarde, Alola forms, new pokemon, trial captains and more have gotten me very excited. Already pre-ordered both versions and guidebook.
    18. Bakphoon™
      D i s c o r d
    19. Ascended Dialga
      Ascended Dialga
      Done and done, rawr! :3
    20. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Pffft. Gen 4 forever.

      Honestly, most of the pokemon are just gimmicky :p
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