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Feb 7, 2020
Feb 5, 2013
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Everything's so different here now. It's been so long.... Feb 7, 2020

RzK was last seen:
Feb 7, 2020
    1. Bakphoon™
      K i K

      Tell me your username. I will add you to our server.
    2. Bakphoon™
    3. Bakphoon™
    4. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      That's because we're a super clever species.
    5. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Now who's doing the ignoring?
    6. -Nator-
      I happen to like Zard and Mewtwo X both better. It's also a shame Gyarados could never achieve its Dragon typing. Dark was a pretty random choice.

      Diantha? Well, that would certainly be a game changer. We've yet to have a main female antagonist. Too bad she ended up being one of the biggest letdown in E4 Champion history. Not enough substance. The rival would've made a better Champion, or Prof. Sycamore.
      It's always possible for any key character from any game to make a special appearance. It's not the most popular opinion, but didn't care much for N as a character. Still think he's nothing but a mere Zoroark; a leader in the family, per se.

      Quite possibly. A second Hidden Ability slot for many Mons is much needed.
    7. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Ugh, you're turning into bak now.

      I think when she first gets to zootopia and sees the stunning city whilst she's going around listening to shakira.

      Some of them don't look good though. Yes we already have muk as a garbage pokemon but at least it is designed better than freaking garbodor or a stupid ice cream. Some work some don't and gen 7 as a whole is just looking more and more silly with their designs. Seems to be less effort going in.
      Always have a theme going on? Yh it's let your children design pokemon for your new game.

      I'll reply when I want. Be patient.
    8. Nothingjustgo.
      Wreck it Ralph 2 is about him wrecking the Internet. Seems lame
    9. Nothingjustgo.
      Idk wreck it Ralph 2 seems bad
    10. Bakphoon™
      WIll be back by 1.

      Going offline.
    11. Bakphoon™
      I don't even need to check now.
    12. Bakphoon™
      Can't. Van comes in a while.
    13. Bakphoon™
      What are you doing at 6:30 AM? :p
    14. Nothingjustgo.
      I think a Hollywood rule is if you make a billion dollars youe required to make a sequel
    15. Superteletubbies64
      Dome, sorry about that
    16. Wind?
      Be sure to check the thread to learn how to possibly win a chance to nominate 2 contestants next season!

      Yes, it has to be someone different.
    17. Nothingjustgo.
    18. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      It is pretty amazing film though. I have the shakira song on my Ipod.

      Something more creative than that! Pokemon are meant to be organisms not objects. Might as well draw a face onto a hawaiian tshirt and class that as a pokemon. Or give a table some arms and call it the new legendary pokemon.
      At least exeggutor looks cool.
    19. -Nator-
      Popularity plays a role, evidently. Blaziken, Charizard, Lucario, Scizor, Venusaur, Blastoise, Absol, Heracross etc. are among the most popular Pokemon, so therefore, the ultimate reason why they were some of the first to receive Megas.

      Probably. Their team name alone is not very creative. It reminded me too much of Team Magma. They didn't exercise the XY plot to the fullest, which they could've capitalized on in Z, but now, that obviously cannot happen. The only way for them to garner any sort of credibility now is to be in the SuMo games. Maybe they return under a different name? Lysandre's physical appearance as a leader was a pretty impressive design. That much I will admit. He must return with a more serious temperament, however. He was a little too... emotional in XY, but not in the same way N was.

      Yeah, wouldn't mind if it followed the trend of Magikarp and Feebas. Maybe it evolves into a vigilante-like Pokemon? Something that isn't a direct ripoff from Gyarados or Milotic.

      Not gonna be thrilled if they integrate this into Pokemon Go. I'm thinking it may work like BP... or they're purchased with BP.
    20. Nothingjustgo.
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