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  • Hey, I got Miror to take over from BLEU since the latter took too long for reffings, so yeah. Miror caught some errors BLEU made and fixed them, and is asking us for a reorder. Go and post whether you want the reorder or not ASAP. Link.
    (Now back to your regularly scheduled saas bahu serial.)


    *Even the harsh sunlight streaking down into the tunnel dies down as Houndour crawls deeper underground, although still able to see in the dim lighting.*
    Houndour: The soil is different here. Not sand. It is also more moist, for some reason.
    *The Houndour advances carefully, his eyes darting in every direction. The sound of gently splashing water can be heard in front.*
    Budew: Water? An underground tunnel in the middle of a desert, and it has water?
    Houndour: I can see the tunnel splitting into different passages, and Slowpoke is nowhere to be seen.
    *Although unable to see the Slowpoke, the Dark Type follows the sounds carefully, taking a few turns... until the sounds stop.*
    Slowpoke: Bad fish! Giant, bad, non-fishlike fish!
    *The Slowpoke, moving surprisingly swiftly, comes back towards them. Ignoring them, he simply goes past them.*
    Budew: Slowpoke, what exactly did you see back there!
    *Houndour jabs out with his mouth, biting onto Slowpoke's tail. However, the Water Type squirms free and escapes.*
    Houndour: Water... this tunnel... I'm sure whatever it is created all of this.
    *The Houndour turns to look in the direction Slowpoke had retreated from. In the darkness... large, orange eyes can be seen.*
    Budew: There... there's something there!
    *Without a word, Houndour turns in the other direction and runs, following Slowpoke's sounds once again, the Budew barely hanging on.*
    Ok, how much will you stalk me now? -_-
    What the hell? You're high again. Phomateev Azeezment? Really? Can me and Mew talk about anything without you quoting it like you're high? xD
    So, whatever it is. I do not know if you quit ASB or not but I can't referee for you any longer. Your orders are getting constantly bad and are deteriorating maybe because you do not like ASB. Also, my hand's cut is kinda severe and I'll be taking a long break maybe a couple of weeks. So, you should find a new referee or take time off from ASB. Your pick.
    Well done man, you finally quit ASB. I think it's time I do so as well. Also.

    I tell you!
    Pirates! Pickled herrings! Invertebrates! Anacoluthons! Politicians!
    Nah. I was kidding. SP are not important than you. You can forfeit if you do not have fun. I'll pick up different matches and get SP.
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