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  • Just watch out for Cresselia. Most forms can wipe the team out if you don't focus all your efforts onto bringing it down. Azelf's Explosion won't OHKO either.

    Yeah, lol stats. Serebii RMTs are more active then Marriland right now though. Probably thanks to it not being fully competitive.
    Lol. I just pick a random team, and rate it if I think it's worthwhile or if I'm just bored.

    That's an odd question. Why do you want to know?

    Yea, I suppose when you're busy then rating may be the last thing on your mind. Why not try and improve on other's rates, rather than getting the first rate? Or suggesting things that they missed? I find that can be just as helpful.

    I guess they did it so that you didn't have to have 30". That's pretty massive. But for some people, 24" just doesn't cut it.

    Lol, fair enough.
    Nice little subject change there.

    I don't think the cinema displays are intended for the iMac... I think they're for the MacBook, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini. The latter two don't even have their own screens.
    Yea, you can't discuss AR, Roms, etc. *Awaits infraction* However, since we aren't discussing how to hack, we should be alright.
    Yea, as long as it's legit, who cares? Most people think it's against the rules of Serebii, but it's actually not. You can't give out information on how to hack, and you can't use illegal movesets. But it's fine to hack your Pokémon is it's a legit hack.
    Yea, that's what I think. Have a legit moveset, even if it's hacked, and it's cool. Although I do occasionally IV Breed just for something else to do.
    Yea, there are still some.

    Oh, right. I'm gonna have to do so much training to get this one to work =/

    Lol, thanks. It'll take a while though... I may just end up hacking it *shot*
    I live in the south of England, and you?

    That's the point. I wanted a real challenge. However, I have yet to actually make the team =/
    Oh, right. I quit competitive a while ago, and I haven't been playing the real game much either. Currently, my team's on 126 wins, not defeated yet.

    In-game? Nothing, thanks to School. I'm a Boarder, you see, so I rarely get to use my DS. Yea, Team Lolwut was, believe it or not, for the lulz.
    It's a completely different style of play. The world's best competitive player can come into IGRMT and not understand why he can't break 100 in the BT, only to have a poor competitive player tell him to give TrickScarf a go. It can't be compared to competitive, and a good competitive player ≠ a good in-gamer. Unfortunately, many people don't understand that.

    I'm not actually friends with any of the Mods xD
    Oh, right, I see what you mean. IGRMT is undermodded, but I think CRMT is fine. It's been totally re-done, has Reno, who is a great Mod, and two other mods looking after it. I just think that IGRMT could really use some of the care that CRMT got. I kinda feel like IGRMT gets forgotten because "Competitive" sounds better =/

    Oh, right... Idk. I've never read through the Mod's VMs. I hope she doesn't leave, she's a nice Mod. Even though I've never actually spoken to her.
    I think that making it so that only a certain set of people could rate wouldn't be a great move because it would really put new raters off... And yea, on a Forum like this, the Mods will be busy I suppose. Which is why I think a new one would help.

    Lydia's thinking of leaving? That's news to me. And you got 6 points for arguing with a Spammer? That should only be 3, really... For breaking the "Don't reply to SPAM" rule. Although, in IGRMT, infractions are pretty rare. I'm surprised you got one at all.

    Lol, fair enough. Thanks ^_^
    It is a shame, it would have helped a lot... I don't think we'll be getting a new Mod any time soon... You're right. They tend to leave IGRMT alone to take care of itself, which it normally does. But when SPAM Posts or Threads come up, which they often do, there's no one to deal with them because both Lydia and ST seem very busy.

    Yea, I hate seeing new people just coming in and rating everything in sight because they mess it up and it goes wrong, and it often ends in a good rater having a go at them and then they run away and never come back. You lurked me? I'm flattered. I'm nowhere near the best in IGRMT, just a regular that knows the basics really.
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