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  • Spelletjes beginnen beetje oud te worden. :p Ik heb via Bol.com Red Dead Redemption besteld (Game van het jaar 2010 volgens GameSpot).. Het lijkt fantastisch..

    Ik zat zondag op Bol.com stond er dat ie voor 30 euro werd verkocht en de tweede handse spellen voor 40+ euro etc. Dus ik was echt zo van WTF? Nieuw is goedkoper dan gebruikt? Maarja, er stond dat als je op een werkdag besteld, dat hij dan morgen voor 7 wordt gebracht.. Dus ik wacht tot maandag (stupid, I know. XD) en zie ik maandag dat er stond ''actie is over'' dus hij kostte toen 60 weer..

    Nou ik was al te obsessed erover geworden en dus toch maar een tweede handse besteld..

    Overigens, hoe gaat het? alles goed? XD
    Even thought there are a bunch of people that have an online DS, I might end up getting myself another DS anyway...
    When I found that plot hole it was after smoking some of that stuff we talked about not to long ago.

    Thanks :) How did yours go?

    Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

    well, the multiplayer is fun, not enough to make me leave black-ops entirely, but still good. From what i understand when we get far enough we get to use parachutes, which i dont see the point of, but i havent gotten that far yet. We also dont dont go to any locations with ezio except rome, the villa once, and Firenze (during flash backs). That may be just a minor annoyance on my end though.

    Leanardo is back creating things for you, and they make missions more interesting by giving you 100% sync goals. For example, one mission is to assassinate a templar without being seen, and the 100% sync goal is to assassinate him while sitting on a bench. if you dont do it from the bench you only get 50% synch.

    Do enough missions at 100% sync and you unlock ezio's flashbacks.
    are you asking if i see more male and female bodyparts in cod then anything else, as in i see them somewhere else?

    if so thats not the case, only games i play online are AC brotherhood, CoD, RDR, and halo and you cant create emblems in AC, RDR, or Halo.

    what i ment was i see male and female bodyparts more than the fun and creative emblems, like yoshi and kirby
    ive seen alot of people doing emblems of female body parts as well, but like you said it has an uupside.

    ive seen many yoshi emlems, and i saw one of Bloo from cartoon network once. seen tons of other cool ones too that i cant think of off the top of my head. i however personally like using the monkey and the rubber duck.

    I still see alot more male and female body parts then anything else, though, so i cant deal with it so easily
    Well as luck would have it I had weed to help me, and my phone, but that just isn't the same.

    I'd love to see Germany and other places around there at Christmas time.

    i hope next game we get titles and emblems unlocked from doing challenges, just like we did in MW2.

    In Black ops, i cant tell you how many inappropriate emblems ive seen. Id kill someone and see thier emblem and be like, oh thats real mature.
    well, i own WaW though i never really played it because i was a Halo 3 fan while it was out, then MW2 which is my favorite, and black-ops. i was never a fan of zombies in WaW either, only time i played them was for achievements.

    also thanks for the Birthday wishes.
    didnt want to spam up the games you hate thread so i figured id post here. you say i should try different games because you think ive played the CoD line for to long right?

    well thought you should know that this is only my 3rd CoD game and i still have much fun with MW2
    You never know how things for out.

    That's good. We should get some tomorrow on the day I need to drive to Provo.

    Sorry for the late reply I had no internet. How have you been?

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